Anonymous 05/14/2018 (Mon) 07:56:34 No.11471 del
So the combat works, but what about the level design and overworld?

Unfortunately the game does not have a huge, or even small overworld to open up and explore, not even a hubworld. It's just a series of dungeons and levels, each with their unique sets of enemies and puzzles. Like all Zelda games since a Link to the Past it's perfectly possible to level up so badly your own character is pretty hard to kill by even the end game bosses, let alone enemies. This is even if your COOP buddy/buddies are being assholes and stealing as much unique XP as possible.

With that said the game does a very good job of making it feel you're playing a Coop experience. Both players need each other to progress the game's many puzzles and obstacles, and they're all well thought out if you only have you and a buddy, or you and 3 other friends. The coop elements don't feel latched on, there's a reason why you're playing with other people.

In all honesty though it's a Zelda game only in name. It's literally a multiplayer only dungeon crawling action game, but it's still a good game.

Next posts will be about phantom hour glass and tomorrow I'll post an actual review of Minish Cap instead of bitching and whining about the Zelda formula.