Anonymous 05/14/2018 (Mon) 07:45:16 No.11470 del
Sorry for double posting, but my memory has been jogged in regards to Four Swords and its sequel, plus the Phantom Hour Glass.

Four Swords adventure is pretty much a Co-Op only experience, additionally the multiplayer for Four Swords is abysmally fucking laggy if you try to emulate it. Now how is the game itself? Well it takes Minish Cap's combat and makes it the focus of the game along with puzzle solving. The good thing is that Minish Cap's combat is actually pretty fucking good due to the fact that Capcom at least back then, understood how 2d combat works.

So why is the combat good? The enemy attacks are well telegraphed despite the low resolution of the game due to Capcom's talented pixel artists. The hitboxes additionally also correspond nicely with most of the attack animations as well as the enemy sprites themselves. The character move set consists of the traditional 2d Zelda mechanic of blocking, slashing, and ranged combat using bows, boomerangs or bombs, however there's also a nifty little combat roll thrown into the mix. If you're familiar with Capcom's Monster Hunter, or a Souls game then you'll know how obsessed Capcom and in general Japanese devs are obsessed with I-frames.

However this is not to mean the combat is excruciatingly hard or deep, just that this risk taking maneuver was added for those who wanted to try riskier moves within the game. Interestingly enough there's multiple recurring enemies who you literally cannot beat without another player's help because there's a small puzzle involved to striking their weak spot. Moreover there's also multiple puzzles you can't solve without 2 players coordinating with each other.

However as is most couch gaming experiences, there's a pitfall to it. The pitfall being that if your coop buddy feels like a dick he can very well sabotage and compete against you in the game. How? The game has two ways in which this is possible, the first one, which is the most obvious one, is the competitive scoring system, the second one which starts innocent at first but can lead you choking your buddy's neck if he's an ass hole is the player interaction system.

What is the player interaction system? It's basically you picking up your teammate to help him up ledges, or throw him across a ravine, or hard to reach place... Yeah, your coop buddy or you, can randomly pick each other up, and once you or him is picked up said player is at the mercy of the other player. This means it's perfectly possible to have players literally throw their buddies towards powerful enemies at any point of the game.