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>Minish Cap

It's one of the many Zelda games that plays like more of an action game with an unlockable open world, than a non linear experience like the original. With that said the art style is cute and has some of the most awesome palettes I've seen for pixel art, which is to be expected since the art is based on the Wind Waker game.

This opinion will catch me some flack but I don't fucking care. Egoraptor (yes that casual faggot from Newgrounds) was right about the first Zelda game being a timeless classic that the sequels just don't match up to. The map design lets you sequence break as does the item acquisition. There's multiple ways to kill bosses and very few times do you need specific gimmicks to kill a boss.

Windwaker from time to time came close to recapturing that feeling for me, but it has a very linear progression which AS FAR AS I KNOW you can't sequence break without doing some glitchy fuckery.The original Zelda is a seriously excellent fucking game, in what is to me a very average series and honestly the only other modern action game with a Medieval Fantasy setting that has let me relive the wonders of cluelessly wandering about in a very open world with shitloads of bosses, obstacles, and enemies in it is the first Dark Souls.


Yeah I don't know what caused Rainbow Six to be what it is now, a shitty gimmick tacticool shooter that tries to ape "twitch shooters" like CoD instead of what it began as, a counter terrorism manager simulator with FPS elements. Raven Shield is the pique of the series and the last entry in the game to have the battle planner in it, and it's really hard to get it running on windows 7, let alone any newer windows platforms. If you have a linux distro then you can probably try playing it on WINE.

This is just conjecture, but I think the reason why R6 moved away from the battle planner system was mostly the fault of Consoles. I remember Ubisoft really making a big fucking deal about AI companions following orders you spoke through the Xbox Live headset during E3 conferences and magazine interviews.