Anonymous 05/01/2018 (Tue) 08:14:30 No.11467 del
i still remember my first minecraft world. i spawned in a taiga next to a beach and a desert, it was in r1.0 i didn't know how to play minecraft. i died a lot from monsters for a while, and eventually figured out how to craft. i then built a nice small house on the beach (it was small, but felt big to me), and eventually i realised i needed food. a placed some small farming blocks down by the water, and eventually expanded it, digging a bit deeper into the sand so i made a nice wheat farm. on the backdoor of the sand house there were stairs which led down to the farm (it was a bit deep down, maybe 2-3 blocks from the surface level). i never explored, i just sat by in my cozy beach area, but one day i realised i needed materials. so i ventured into the nearby cave entrance. it was scary. but after a very long trip and facing numerous foes, i finally made it to the surface with lots of iron, coal, redstone and a single diamond. i cherished the diamond, but i didnt know what to do with it, so i made it into a jukebox. now with all the riches i had aquired, i was sure people of long and wide would come here to make a new settlement, so i made a nice hotel. it had only two rooms, but was still bigger than my other house. i also discovered a cool technique, shearing leaves and then placing them on chopped logs to create room plants! by that point i hadn't disovered flowers, and wouldn't cotninue to do so for a very long time. other projects ensued, and eventually i had a small outpost in the desert 100 blocks from my other things, as well as a cactus-protected storehouse. then, something terrible happened. one night whilst hunting for monsters, i was low on health so i fled to the storehouse, but i poked myself on a cactus. everything i had was gone. it was one of hte most tragic moments. i had to venture into the depths of the caves once more. after many deaths and tries, i got a decent iron set again, and started to look around on the surface. i realised it was snowing in the taiga, and i could collect snow, so i made place and gathered snow and built a snow castle. it was cramped and awkward, so i wasnt satisfied with it. then, my mind was blank, and i didn't know what else to do. i looked out onto a swamp, and decided to build a few mudhuts there before leaving, it all felt pointless and meaningless. so i deleted the world and moved on to other things like smp and other games. i regret it to this day, it was the world i treasured the most, all those memories will be gone forever.