Rules of /tsf/

1 : The rules will follow the spirit of the constitution from defunct tgboard.rf.gd If you do get your posts deleted, I will try to move them to a more appropriate topic, but you can do so if I forget. Alternatively, feel free to start your own board and link to it if you don't like how this board is run. p.fuwafuwa.moe/dziybm.odt
2 : OT discussion topics are fine here, but you're encouraged to keep them to the meta threads.
3 : Profanity, sarcasm, and criticism are all natural responses if you have a brain, and are therefore fine.
4 : Freespeech matters a lot which is why we are here. You can upload images with Tor anonymously here.
5 : All forms of TG are currently allowed.
6 : You're encouraged to follow e-h's tagging system and separate gender bender, body swaps, possession, and skinsuits. Crossdressing is ok for now, but try to keep it to separate threads. If it (or Fictionmania) begins to take over the board we may start a new board and link to it instead of allowing it..
7 : lolis are allowed
8 : Furry is allowed for now in its own thread. Please don't share terrible art and abuse this or we might change this. 90% of western furry artists draw sketches that aren't worth sharing.

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply