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[Ebinuma Minami × Akino Shin] Boku no Shippo wo Semenaide! Sensualaoi 04/02/2019 (Tue) 23:56:23 [Preview] No. 1550
There has been no progress to my translation, but I'm finally reuploading it after the last Endchan crash.

pg 1-10 (images)

pg 11 (Where the storystarts)

"A foreign cat on an unfamiliar street."
""People are toootally stupid!"

Remembering the conversation with the old lady made Nyaruru scream in irritation. It was evening and the residential area wasn't far from the train station. Her sudden outburst made a few people turn in surprise, but she didn't seem to notice and kept dwelling on the cause of her anger on that night.

"The main problem is why do you need 5 bridegrooms?! Plus wouldn't you say, 'The princess has turned into such a pervert,' really, what the hell."

Her delicate features didn't suit the menacing look she gave a can at her feet, which she kicked high into the air. The hem of her skirt flipped up, but she was too full of her own thoughts to notice.

She had long glossy black hair that reached to the top of her back, and ears as white as snow. As she sighed unconsciously, her beautiful tail curved. Decorating her throat was a golden bell that hung from her collar, which was a beautiful rare heirloom passed down from her grandmother's grandmother's grandmother's time. That item eloquently told of Nyaruru's origins. To see it was to not need to ask about her family tree since it was soaked with the elegance that befitted a famous name. It proved she was born into a family with a good pedigree, and that she had to bear responsibilities.

Crucial were the traditions she had inherited from long ago. But you know, she didn't care about receiving those traditions.
Nyaruru had shared a bed with countless partners and you could think of her conduct as very loose.
From time to time she had her maidservants bring her books called "manga" which had became her most favorite thing. She especially loved the genre of love stories called "school stories" where girls as old as Nyaruru formed couples with boys. The girls got love letters in their shoe-boxes, and shared half of their "yakisoba" noodles with boys on rooftops, and go to school festivals where they would would seize the stage to kiss in front of the whole school.....and after many of those rituals they would choose to marry their beloved one and only partner.
They thought they had to choose one partner.
To picture 5 bridegrooms around you on your wedding night with everyone getting along in a bedroom.....isn't that such a joke?


pg 13
But when she told her maidservant that she met resistance.
"Don't take those books seriously."
"Princess, manga are just fabricated stories."
"Having one groom would just make me laugh."
But Nyaruru didn't air her strong personal views, because if she did rumors would spread like, "She has started copying the people who don't have tails."

When it finally reached the old ladies yesterday she had a big fight.

"Fumuuuu... for the time being I should go home."
The more she thought back on it the more perturbed she felt.
And yet at the same time there was a certain cheerfulness. Because Nyaruru was now in the Japan she had longed for. Here was the country that had been the stage of many manga!

Nyaruru walked vigorously as if she wanted to start skipping. Japanese skirts were short which made walking easy. She wore a big ribbon on top of her pink sailor fuku.
From her beloved manga collection, she chose her most favorite book and said to her maidservant, "I want to wear the same sailor fuku as her!"
By any case, it looked like a "one of a kind item made by a reputable cosplay shop"

pg 14
Here that had become unexpectedly useful. On a Japanese street it let her blend into the scenery.
"Well then, first I must find an inn."
She had heard about this before, but the city where the tailless people lived had a destitute aura that made it hard for her to breathe.

If she didn't find a suitable partner, well then, she'd get her fill of Japan before she let herself become worn out.

"It really would be nice to find someone around my own age. Then we could go to t

anonymous 04/02/2019 (Tue) 23:58:59 [Preview] No.1551 del
(628.28 KB 1145x1700 017.jpg)
It would be nice to find someone around my own age. Then we could go to the same "school" together."

She had finally ran away from home, so it was time to have tons of fun. Like doing a dare at an outdoors school's rally.

There were so many things she wanted to see and try out. No matter how much time she had here, it wouldn't be enough.

"Ah, I found one! A Japanese girl!"

"Across the street facing her were countless girls, and Nyaruru's face lit up. There were many pleated skirts, with collars large enough to drape over the back, and decorating every chest was a ribbon. The girls were wearing sailor fuku just like Nyaruru. The girls looked the same as the ones in manga! She was right after all--the things written in manga were true stories. Those girls definitely went to school everyday, passed notes at cram school, and gossiped about transfer students, and lost their allowance when they scored badly on tests......That's the kind of fun life they lived every day.
pg 15:
"Hey, that girl....."
Just like that, the girls having a conversation, and it reached her so indirectly she could have imagined it. What kind of conversations do Japanese girls have....?
Her pricked up ears made the mistake of of it.
"You're right, is she a cosplayer?"
"Is she doing a photo-shoot? Or is she just a weirdo?"

Could they be talking about her? Why had they noticed her? What was strange about her? In confusion she checked herself again.
Come to think of it, they were all wearing the same plain navy sailor fukuu. Perhaps wearing pink wasn't fashionable in Japan?
But she'd rather wear something cute than to wear those reserved things.
"Whoah, look at that, she's wearing cat ears."
As the girls continued to gossip, Nyaruru realized she had committed a mistake. As she listened to the girls, her ears must have perked up, and completely blown her secret.

If an unrelated person eavesdrops, it is natural for them to not completely understand what is being said. She had just come to Japan and already had failed miserably. Holding her ears down, Nyaruru ran away from them in hurt confusion.


The moment she tried to run, she suddenly collided with someone, and fell flat on her butt. Her tail slapped the ground with a loud "thunk!

anonymous 04/03/2019 (Wed) 04:30:41 [Preview] No.1553 del
"Ouch......I thought my tail was going to break off"
With tears welling up, she checked her surroundings. The person she had bumped into was a boy about her age. The boy still looked a bit like a child, because he had a small frame.
He had fallen over more spectacularly than Nyaruru, and was still looking around to figure out what had happened.

"Geez...Makoto, you're so stupid."
The boy was still lying on the ground when the voice of a female spoke down at him. Her figure was tall and gave the impression of dynamism.
She was a pretty person, but age looked too high for Nyaruru to call her a "girl."
"This girl.....huh, it's a cute cosplayer. Are you okay?"

pg 18
The woman helped Nyaruru up while saying kind words.
"Ah...thank you....nyan!"
Her words of gratitude were suddenly interrupted by a surprised shriek.
The woman had grabbed her tale without giving any warning.
"Wow, it's really well done. If Kaoru-san saw this she would be happy."
Without any reservation, she straightened out Nyaruru's skirt.
For Nyaruru who disliked having her tail touched, standing in the middle of traffic and having it happen was very uncomfortable.
"Ah, you know....it would please me if you would refrain from doing that,.."
"Ah, sorry. I didn't think, it was just so well done.
The girl who wasn't at all timid about the situation abruptly released her hands and looked at the boy.
"Makoto, are you alright too?"
Yeah, I'm fine. Um.....I'm sorry."
He quickly lowered his head, and went off with the girl.
"Aren't you glad? You had was a chance meeting event. You definitely tripped a flag."
"Flag? Um....what's that?"
"Huh? Pathetic, I don't know anything about flags thanks to my nephew! Listen, we're gonna go home and then I'm going to lecture you at length so ready yourself!"
The two of them shrank away while having an unintelligible conversation.

Nyaruru mumbled in realization.
"It was the same as in a manga. Meeting him was fate."
Her heart throbbed while she called the mind the appearance of the boy she had met by circumstance. He had slender cheeks, but he was a cute boy.

"Alright, I've decided it'll be him!"
Nyaruru's tail swung from side to side as she loudly made her declaration.

anonymous 04/03/2019 (Wed) 04:33:21 [Preview] No.1554 del

Chapter 1

One morning, when I woke up from a worrisome dream, I noticed I had become a catgirl.

There on the table was a mirror, and on top of my face in the midst of my hair, bounced a pair of animal ears. Underneath that was my face…….but it was different from my usual face. The eyes appeared a little bigger and rounder. The lips also had become rounder and fuller. When you added up all of those “little changes,” they completely changed the impression of my face.

“T...this means…..”

Perplexed, I tried touching my face with my hand. The skin on my cheek was surprisingly soft to the touch of a fingertip, and it responded by indenting around the finger.

“This means….I’m a girl?”

In the mirror a girl pressed both hands to against her cheeks and stared back at me with a bewildered expression.

Pg 21

I guess, I was kinda cute…

While making the face of a completely captivated girl, I had that thought.

Had someone pulled a prank on me while I was sleeping?

I was definitely wearing a hair band. And if someone had put makeup on me while I was asleep, my face could look like this.

“It must be Misaki-san because she’s always doing weird pranks….”

As I remembered the face of our mischievous boarder, the ears made sense.

But I couldn’t take them off. They seemed to be attached on top of my head. Maybe she glued them on…? While I uneasily tried to escape from that conclusion, I tried pulling on them once more. Yep, I couldn’t take them off. In fact, tugging on them hurt a little. When I pinched the top of the ears hard, the place where I pulled throbbed with pain. It hurts? What does that mean? Where does it hurt?

“Could it be...these ears are alive?!”

In that moment I realized that what had befallen me couldn’t be explained by a simple prank.

anonymous 04/03/2019 (Wed) 04:34:59 [Preview] No.1555 del
Pg 22:
Let’s calm down for a second and think. I am Makoto Suzuta. One month ago I began middle school, but right now it’s Golden Week and I’m in the middle of a week long vacation. I am an only child, and I live with my parents, and our boarder Misaki-san, which makes 4 of us at the Suzuta home. Albeit, my parents are on a long-term business trip, so right now I’m only living with Misaki-san.

I am one of those guys who gets made fun at school. Though I don’t think I can help it when I’m short and thin. But even so, sometimes I turn it around and mess with them. Sometimes I have fun, and sometimes I have bad memories, so altogether my everyday life is pretty normal. That’s why there is no way this could happen to me. This is like something pulled from one of Misaki-san’s manga.

But I know that I have animal ears on my head. They twitch, and they’re covered in soft hair...and when I touch them I can definitely feel them. Though I don’t understand how they’re connected to my head.

“They’re….really real….”

And my chest and butt had a strange feeling too of something hitting them. I didn’t want to think about my butt. Something had gone inside of my panties and was creeping about. It felt long, slender, and fluffy, it was a definitely a foreign shape….This was just a guess, but in my heart I was torn between thinking, “I can’t be mistaken,” and “there’s no way that’s right.” When I dared to peek, it confirmed the prior abnormality.

The chest was more serious. My nipples were chafing against my pajamas and it hurt. Timidly, I undid a button to look, and there was a delicate swelling somewhere between a “chest” and a boob.” Timidly, I extended my finger, and when I touched those sakura-colored protrusions, my finger sank into the warm bulges and then pushed back against it with a bouncing sensation. It brought a ticklish feeling, and I shivered slightly.

“Hey, Makoto……”

Standing by the door I had left open, was a dumb-folded Misaki-san. Misaki Watase. She was lodging with my family so she could go to college,

To my mom she was like a younger sister, which would make her my aunt. Mom was about 12 years removed from her age, while I was only about 7 years younger. Our years are really close, so our relationship isn’t like that of an aunt and a nephew though; rather, she the feeling is more like having an older sister.

Since my parents were both absent, she was acting as my substitute legal guardian. Leaving a child alone was a troubling, but it was too short to transfer to a different school since they would only be gone for one month. My father who couldn’t do chores, and left them to my mother, Misaki-san who wanted to stay out of eyesight of her older sister and live an easy life, and so everything worked out.

That Misaki-san was staring at me with a dumb-folded expression. I had a very bad feeling about this. Picture if you will my current form, with weird ears growing out of my head, and my pajamas open, and baring a pair of female breasts…. I don’t know how she could think that was fine, and without giving me time to prepare myself, she took a staggering step toward me.


Without meaning to, I screamed pathetically. Misaki-san’s hand grabbed the thing that was sticking out of my trowsers-- a white tail. Something I hadn’t grown until yesterday now was, it would seem, yet another part of my body.


When she grabbed it, an intense shudder shot up my spine.


Misaki-san mumbled in a quivering voice.

“Makoto, you turned into a catgirl, fondled your ripe nipples, and are enjoying your new body…..”

I wanted o add more to her summary, but because she was grabbing my tail I spat out,

“….oh damn”

I moaned involuntarily. It was a moan that seemed to arise from deep inside of my stomach, in a pensive voice.

anonymous 04/03/2019 (Wed) 04:36:26 [Preview] No.1556 del
Pg 25:
“I must be having a delusion because I didn’t have enough sleep. I’m going to rest for a bit.”

“Wait a moment!”

I called out to the bewildered Misaki-san. This sucked, she had discovered it, and I couldn’t hide it, and this was too much for me to fix alone. Rather than to wait for Misaki-san to sleep and regain her composure, I thought it would be better to talk to her straight away. Since this was Misaki-san, she might know about similar stories…...

“I’m telling you it’s not a dream! I woke up, and then I was a girl!”

Note: This was as far as I got.

** Right after this he has lesbian sex with his aunt, and then in a later chapter he meets Nyaruru again ***

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