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(61.07 KB 520x390 vader_chillin_1024.jpg)
The Ruination of Technology Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 02:32:10 [Preview] No. 12630
Howdy friends, it is time for a thread by me, your favorite endchan poster. Hmm, basically this thread will be all about technology. And perhaps I will share some amusing anecdotes and or opinions in the subject, from my lifetime in the destruction of American tech sector. I call it "the destruction of tech" because that is what they did. Weaponizing it, and infiltrating a bunch of rupee caste to take over the tech positions. Now we see India going full on beast money to control their people. We in America allowed this horror to happen.

Essentially, this bespeaks how corporatized (non citizen controlled) tech is actually a device for intl level fuckwads, to ruin the USA power base through their infiltration of their dirtbag "engineer" types who are famous for being total fuckups and makers of shitty code. basically 25 years of kike enabled war on technology, with bitches like Jobs Zuckerberger and Billgatus who bought DOS from the guy across the street. Like also how Disney himself couldn't draw for shit, but he knew how to buy artists and market his stuff (and how to blackmail and make underworld mulholland drive style connections to the deepest of states see also Hugh Hefner grotto full of kompromat).

Here in paragraph three I will make the point that essentially conspiracy is the water the boat of the world floats upon. Our time is when people alternately struggle and ask questions about what rich fuckers might actually get up to, and is "Hostel" descriptive of a certain class of people who delight in murdering and eating others? Eli Roth, hmm, is he part of some Hollywood eviltech to make us all see and believe bullshit horror as fantasy rather than accepting bullshit horror as truth of our lives? If only we knew how little they value us as souls and how much they value themselves as the soulless?

Okay so here in paragraph four I will say that the ability to project sound upon one person and thereby make them hear a voice spoken to them, reminds me of when Valdemort 'speaks' to all the kids in their heads. I wonder that it wouldn't be difficult to hmm in some stadium let us say, project into people's heads, on a seat by seat basis. Imagine if you will, a stadium full of people being delightfully spoken to in their heads/ears by what may as well be a spirit or a ghost, encouraging them to visit concession stands. Would you call that technology? Imagine a lady saying "did you hear that too?" and you didn't hear that which she is referring to. Will you wonder what words were sent to her head and not to yours? In the past 25 years of technology, what has humanity gained and what have we lost?

Finally here we speak to the death of the IP network. I would say again, it's due to us allowing third world shitbags to ruin it. We should have kept it to ourselves, but again, the intl kike scheme is designed to Zucerberger everyone as if we were all cattle. Push the IP into the lousiest places and tech-nable the biggest assholes of the world. Just imagine if we had kept fidon et and the earliest nets private and only allowed higher level citizens to use them. In this way the intl shitbags would have been kept down in their mudpits, and never been given the gifts which we white folks invented. Not being racist, just saying that white people make awesome shit and others can't give us credit for that. Everything we make, they ruin. So in this way again, I ask, if "Hitler Guy" of the future, re invents the IP schema, but keeps it as a national thing, with zero connections to the outside world, would you consider that to be an advancement of tech or a disadvancement of tech? Well anyway thanks for listening and ask any questions you wish. Here we mourn or celebrate the full spectrum war happening to us all.

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 03:12:10 [Preview] No.12631 del
(335.96 KB 807x636 f6xmItv.png)
Going just a bit further down the track of the thoughts above, we arrive at the notion that really ours (and our recent ancestors) is a time of explosive tech yet not for the benefit of the good people.

For example if you search "Strategy of Tension" you will learn how fabians and others like them (typically called 'elites' as how they see themselves) actually have technical means and ways, to increase the pressure upon the American family, even as these same abused Americans are used to form the largest and finest army and military force on Earth. Thus, tech is Straussian and Leninite. It's goal is to offer seats to those with lust for power/money/credit/bonds, which seats are just-so oriented that they form a matrix of power of powerful-asses in them. If you have the willingness to sacrifice the good, you will go far, son (or daughter). I am saying that military service is one of perhaps sacrifice in body and certainly sacrifice in liberty. And yet not without a very high level of glory in terms of life and death. But is death a value or is life a value? A life well lived and well redeemed in death, is worth what?

Thus, was technology, "sacrificed" as a technical maneuver. To put it in simple terms, the "Brotherhood of Steel" from Fallout pre-history (written by GURPS authors) explains how some colonels and military fellows, forms a underground guild of tech. So, yes, I am drawing parallels here that might seem off putting, but also you might see what I am alluding to. The BoS in Fallout series exists while the Vaults also exist, and while the ghouls outside also exist. Thus, in our world of today, technology is pressing into creation of humans in a groomed bonsai type of way --IF ONLY they could remove 90% of the other bothersome humans. This sets a very dangerous precedent.

However, I am not disfavorable to nuke war, even total nuclear exchange. I live outside the target zones and am good at the tech of animal husbandry, and have much wasteland to hunt upon outside my front door. and I cook all my food on a wood stovetop, eschewing a lot of the modern conveniences. I do not live inside a cel cloud and this is a protection because no one wants those fone people out here anyway. Thus, I feel that when that 90% (modern foneswiping dumbass cities) are actually wiped out in nuke war, I feel we who survive will be okay, and will quickly form better governments than these we have now. We willn't allow the old teams to form up and rob us. But would we allow gold as money, instead of government credit/bills? Would we allow FRB style conglomerates to coin our money?

I would have a discussion with you here about technology, as it can resolve the problem alluded to, which is 'All these stupid dumbfucks on Earth' well what do we/they/BoS do with them, once emerging from their vaults/labs etc? Do we set them to the task of making adobe bricks, and also, what is the market price of bricks of adobe in that future and also, what benefits will those brahmin employees of the future, want? I am saying that essentially a strategy of tension against the lower classes/groups would certainly be tabled and discussed. In some ways I assume it would be almost like the days of 1847 prior to the gold rush. A lot of the same ideas apply.

Why, even in 1847 General Sherman himself (see his autobio) said gold was not known or valued much by men such as himself. When he was shown some at that time, both he and the Captain of the ship were bemused and hammered the piece flat to confirm it was even metal. Whereas in 1848 the next year literally the entire world blew up due to California Gold Rush. So was gold, a tech of a kind? Did someone know that silver begets gold even if General Sherman did not? Also, understanding that moment of gold becoming a cross upon which Americans would be nailed, could anyone have prevented the US civil War from happening?

In some ways what I am saying above is that tech moves along in a similar way as a tech tree in a video game. Europeans might have had a more subtle under

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 03:16:11 [Preview] No.12632 del
[cont] Europeans might have had a more subtle understanding of gold than did good honorable soldier and officer class as Sherman did. But was he a rube? An unsophisticated dummy? No because he knew iron and steel and alloys and metals. But gold was not an implement of war at that time. In California it wasn't legal tender or money. One then wonders, can some class of people, coin living blood, into gold itself? The blood inside you, animating and making you what you are, is it worth something precious to you? And if so, will we eventually be using blood as money as the last line of "the safety of markets"? Maybe you can see an horrific place in that line of questioning?

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 05:14:00 [Preview] No.12633 del
So very much concentrated hatred and tension, the sign of one at war with themselves internally, sorrow instilled within them by their own perception of the world and an existence revolving around it. I agree that many events have occurred throughout history as a result of the malicious intentions of those who care not for others, but the very fact you are capable of broadcasting this message to us, the very fact that at the press of a button you can access seemingly endless troves of information that our ancestors would have killed to obtain, is this not evidence of the greatness that is the internet, a medium which contains the information gathered over centuries to be accessed by anyone anywhere in the planet?
Humans are quite foolish creatures, greedy for naturally occurring metals and dominion over others, but never desiring to be dominated themselves. The society which many yearn for is a society which firstly fulfills the basic needs for human life, and only then can one explore themselves and the world to grow themselves and learn.
This is all I shall write for now, I could write a book on such thoughts, but it does not suit me at the moment.

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 17:42:47 [Preview] No.12645 del
"This is all I shall write
for now,
I could write a book
on such thoughts,
but it does not suit me
at the moment."

Well said. I parsed it out like meaningful prose. But is the age of books going to last? Amazon has a great used book business going tho, I buy used books there all the time. However, some of my friends do use kindle device. I could write a book on having lady who uses kindle device but there is no need for such a book. Fact is: People had been preconditioned to expect a "Star Trek" world, i.e. tablets we swipe and so forth. AND YET Star Trek itself presumes total nuke war and destruction, for us, by 2100 AD I think. And if you take note of TNG they view people from our time as basically diseased crap. Yes I know it is just a TV show but it is also powerful somnambulist program that makes generations, expect certain things.

If they showed the kindle device, in ST as what it is: just some book reading gadget, enabling someone like Bezos (and his chums), we wouldn't like it. We wanted the Trek thing from 1968 to become a great thing. But the kindle is not well suited for battle, I would only deploy it to rear echelon units.

/thread Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 17:45:19 [Preview] No.12646 del

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 18:18:16 [Preview] No.12647 del
This is an issue that was explored extensively in the anime sci-fi classic, Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho.

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