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Wireless transmitter inside Lenovo AC Adapters Recording your charging habits Anonymous 02/11/2018 (Sun) 22:35:59 [Preview] No. 12382
FAKE ASS MOTHERFUCKING NEWS, never really existed https://web.archive.org/web/20170515000000*/https://computersdaily.com/

A group of hardware hackers came across a small transmitter inside Lenovo AC Adapters, that when turned on, would send signals to your computer which would then send data to Lenovo about your charging habits on February 9, 2018.

The application that allowed this to work is included in all Windows 10 operating systems that come pre-installed on Lenovo computers and has supposedly been this way for eight months.

When asked about the purpose of these chips, Lenovo stated that they were to create better computers and help with power reduction in specific situations, and also acknowledged that these chips are in no way malicious and will never be used for malicious purposes.

Edited last time by _ on 02/13/2018 (Tue) 13:44:36.

Anonymous 02/12/2018 (Mon) 11:53:49 [Preview] No.12386 del
Why the fuck do they keep doing this shit.
Sooner or later my x220 will be too old and I won't be able to buy anything.Aren't backdoored cpu enough ?

Anonymous 02/12/2018 (Mon) 13:14:45 [Preview] No.12387 del
Apparently not.
I'm still running pre-dual core hardware because fuck ALL of this shit.

Anonymous 02/12/2018 (Mon) 14:36:15 [Preview] No.12388 del
>bacdoored cpu enough
Supposedly they worked a backdoor into RAM modules but it was a report that I came across many months ago.

Anonymous 02/12/2018 (Mon) 16:01:22 [Preview] No.12389 del
>these chips are in no way malicious
>and will never be used for malicious purposes

good guy lenovo, everyone!

Anonymous 02/12/2018 (Mon) 16:57:30 [Preview] No.12390 del
Just fucking inset a chip into my dick already.

Anonymous 02/12/2018 (Mon) 19:36:33 [Preview] No.12391 del
I want off this fucking ride.

Anonymous 02/13/2018 (Tue) 13:16:28 [Preview] No.12395 del
>https://computersdaily.com is a parked domain
fake news, no archive link.

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