Anonymous 07/01/2017 (Sat) 00:16:34 No. 8811 del
>Your computer is not shit,
Wait a minute, fuck you, the computer is absolute dog shit. So dog shit that I have to create a PXE server for it if I want to install new OS to it. You can't boot from usb stick, hell those broke off from this machine.
Because this is such a piece of shit, it's the reason why this doesn't have any sight of usage on the keyboard. God I'm a idiot, why did I buy this. Oh well, this will be great opportunity to learn more about sysadmin wizardness stuff.
tl;dr installation of new os to this machines is a pain.
Seems viable.

Before another spam storm comes, I'll take this thread and all the suggestion to my "lab" in which I create a new computer in the software side. After testing I can finally approve it to the wild world. As of it now, it can work but it still need some configuration.