Anonymous 06/29/2017 (Thu) 16:15:18 No. 8790 del
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Already in the genesis of that garbage. Take a close look at that thread. You can tell which people are cancer. Animu wallpaper shit and people talking about tits. Those are pretty much the same people we're talking about here and yes those Twatter,Leddit and Jewtube douchebags are going to jump on it and meme it like 'free as in freedom' to push their political joke of a controlled opposition movement of divide and conquer. You deal with them the same way you deal with SJWs and other people of that type slithering in. Tell em to fuck off. Do the same to the kekfags. They have nothing to do with the development with this. They are a socio political wart on the project as they don't contribute anything but use it as a platform for fellating their own ideals. It's an operating system, not a social movement. This is why you make it harder to install this. It keeps out these braindead faggots.

These anime memers also bring another cancer with them. Product placement, and with product placement comes sellouts and proprietary software which kills the entire point of this OS. Beware of them. These same people invaded /g/ and now you have threads like Headphones, watches, phones, wallpaper threads etc. All aesthetics and no substance and I'm already seeing them in that thread.

What this needs to do is be marketed to people who want to use a dependable OS. Not the equivalence of some Macfag who's only going to use it as a fashion accessory and then jump onto the next meme browser. In case folks didn't see in the thread, literally one of the first comments is 'so why should I use this?'. Transcend the meme status of all the fucktards who want to complain about every other proprietary OS and preach about how this will fail without ever trying themselves, transcend all the memers, the cancerfags and the SJW infiltrators and make it the most solid OS you can with features that make it a powerhouse of a contender while still maintaining a status of a light weight distro that's not only free but better than the competition and gives you all the aesthetic and programming freedom for you to still call the OS your own.