Anonymous 06/29/2017 (Thu) 07:09:41 No. 8784 del
*nicer than mint.

I like the idea it is cooler than a 4chan android app which you figure would be called Clover. I have a feeling that redditors will like this more than the users.Now the problem is reddit adopting this model.The next thing you know all of the respectable developers and shit have moved to Narwhal OS
The trendies would turn open source into liberal acceptance. Postulating cucks that downgrade packages that are not libraries because they are hatespeach. Shitheads just breaking their system by only having libraries installed because they think it means liberal.

For this though in the spirit of shitposting a cool mod would be a launcher with keybindings. The goal would be pressing F5 to trigger the package manager update/upgrade.