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I think we should have a thread on improving the wiki here. We could just list various articles that either need to be written or updated, and compile a list of revisions and additions that should be added.

Something I have noticed many people talking about is the lack of expertise/knowledge in the posters. I think it is partially due to being on an anonymous imageboard and not knowing who you’re talking to, or more importantly what they know. People often change how they talk given their audiences level of experience and knowledge in a field. When there is a mismatch, either something seeming too obtuse or lacking in interest or insight, people tend to lose interest.
Of course one solution to that is having some sort of standard of knowledge that can’t be enforced but is expected (like knowing how to install linux, having watched an anime if you’re on /a/, etc.). Then comes the problem of what I might call elitism, which is when the standard alienates too many people. This problem is compounded when you’re board covers multiple subjects, so everyone is expected to know a lot in systems programming, cryptography, electronics, etc. So the people who are experienced with working with micro-controllers for example think this board is lacking because most people do not have the same level of background in their field.
As much as a diversity of backgrounds might be a problem, more users might fix this. At least then they have someone else to talk to, even if most people can’t keep up with them. On the other hand, making sure people have some level of knowledge standard, as was mentioned before, might ameliorate big werdz the lacking board discussion since it could reduce the number of low quality posts.

There are more issues, such as politics clouding up discussion, as well as not citing your sources, but there are other posts for that.