Anonymous 01/02/2018 (Tue) 14:48:38 No.12148 del
1) you write like a 13 year-old nigger, though you've made pretty lengthy texts. Get a look at spellckecker highlights sometimes, kay?
2) Your wall of text posesses little to no value. I would consider this post as low effort even for cuckchan or 8ddit. You explain obvious things as you if you see your reader a full retarded normalfag who has no prior knowledge of government surveilance, proprietary and malicious software I'm sure, everyone on end/tech/ is informed enough for this topic to be considered our baseline And if you were to accuse certain government agencies or corporations in spying, please provide direct prooflinks for new users not familiar with this topic to research into.
3) You give no actual instructions on "how to make a truly secure cellphone".
4) There are obvously only two options available: Galaxy S2 with Replicant or any other smartphone with radio chipset physically removed and libre usb wifi adapter attached instead.