Anonymous 01/01/2018 (Mon) 22:31:55 No.12126 del
>better education
>/tech/ academy
That's supposed to be the wiki, but unfortunately most threads on installgentoo wiki in the sticky are outdated or on shit like e cigarettes. The best solution to getting new users familiar with this place would be to have a proper resource for new posters. Back on 4/g/ and almost all of the boards on 4chan with a sticky/wiki, anons will just dismiss all threads looking for newcomer advice with "read the sticky lol" while the wiki itself is outdated and shitty at parts.

Tldr: one possible way to generate new users and stop SOME shit threads is just to have an actually good resource that isn't filled with infographics from 2013. Genuinely good threads will come from experienced users of course, but no new good users will come about if all they see articles that were last edited several years ago. I would just recommend making more infographics/verticals those are the easiest to use in threads