Anonymous 12/01/2017 (Fri) 01:33:19 No.11822 del
Fuck the rich old faggots running the government and idiotic organizations.

You should all consider yourselves lucky, I am not even certain many of you are aware of just how much power you have at this moment with a viable connection to the internet. Millions of websites to visit, and by learning a different language, say, Russian, you now have access to even more websites and information, differing views and perspectives that really opens your eyes to how the world works together, it is quite amazing what has been established here. If a coalition of groups composed of highly intelligent individuals was conceived from all locations of the planet with varying backgrounds, you would have a think tank that could solve massive problems and could make discoveries that would triumph all the great minds in history, we have a massive shortage of polymaths in modern times, and people end up seeing the trees but not the forest.

Don't expect your typical "normalfag" to understand, they frequent only a handful of websites that suit their needs: Entertainment. They could lose access to millions of websites overnight and they probably wouldn't even notice.

As for the FCC tyranny, how did they decide that they were the owners of airwaves? I understand thousands of individuals broadcasting on every frequency can be a massive mess, but there are better solutions than charging someone to broadcast.