Anonymous 11/30/2017 (Thu) 21:35:33 No.11820 del
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What they are proposing would allow your ISP to charge you more for playing video games or streaming videos in general or from certain websites. It would make it legal for say, Verizon to slow down data downloads from Hulu and from Netflicks, but to then offer faster downloading speeds to Netflicks if they paid a for a special plan so as not to piss off their customers. Removing net neutrality makes for more monopolistic behaviour, while hurting the consumer. The customer would wonder why video data from one website streams slower than identical data from another website, and the ISP would not be required to treat both of the data equally, but could charge more for uninterrupted, faster, and more reliable data from the website it is cozy with.

Any SJW ISPs would also be free to slow down data from Right wing websites that do not agree with their agenda, and the freedom to decide for yourself what to view in full speed and without data interruptions would be replaced with freedom by the ISP to decide.

Make no mistake, abolishing net neutrality isn't good for the consumer in any way, and saying you heard It's to prevent Socialism just shows how gullible you are. If I asked you if free libraries for all was good you would say yes. If I asked you if free internet for all was good you'd say no that's Socialism because you're an idiot.

For an idea how close the above statement is and how close we are to it, Look up who owns Comcast and his family history. Better yet, look up Comcast's history of this shit involving their customers. Even further use foresight and see that Comcast and its shitty business practices are doing them in and who do you think will jump into the party to take their place?

I've got my money on Google Fiber. Tell me, are you really ready to deal with that monopolizing all consuming shit show?