Anonymous 11/28/2017 (Tue) 23:24:51 No.11814 del
>slow because old drivers bsd
>outdated a month after release (this does not imply unsecure as I'm familiar with OpenBSD specific measures), using current defeats it's purpose (debatable)
>claims security but does not tent towards minimalism in packaging therefore provinding a larger array for an attack by default on a system with identical required applications

Ok the last one might be a bit of a strech. I have respect for OpenBSD and I'm trying to poke at you from a lower level of knowledge regarding this BSD variant expecting answers which might change my mind. I'm also trying to find out is why the fuck is only OpenBSD and Alpine on that list and not things like Parabola/Hyperbola which by my arguments you probably have already guessed I'm a user of.