Anonymous 11/28/2017 (Tue) 14:34:26 No.11811 del
You're projecting your fears too much and it's obvious.

First of all I don't have a strong tendency to disagree with anything you say.We are in strange times, the social capital of the left and liberal values are everywhere. I don't know if this is a bad thing or not but I aknowledge it.

What is wrong however, is to already be in a monogamous relationship, moreso a fucking marriage and decide it's time to sexually liberate yourself while not offering your current partner a way out. You decide it's best to keep him around since he pays for everything and ignore him. You decide it's his problem he doesn't understand even though you were both monogamous when you married and you should be able to understand. You decide even though he's suffering when you bring home other partners it's his problem for not understanding your sexuality. You decide it's best to keep milking him even though he left.

This doesn't read as the story of a woman sexually liberating herself. This reads as the story of a shitty persona slut and her beta cuck provider.

Non-shitty people do this:
>dude I'm pansexual lmao
>wtf does that mean you want to be a man now
>no bigot it means, doesn't matter lmao check my twitter I want a divorce
>wtf don't you want to keep me around and torment me so I can pay for your shit
>neah, that's cruel, you're better of finding some other monogamous bimbo and I'm better off switching to vegan food and finding people who think like me so I can develop myself, further discover shit you know
>hmm ok I keep the house and you keep the car ?
>yes and I'll take over the payments for the car and I'll also take the dog since you never really liked him so much

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