Anonymous 11/13/2017 (Mon) 11:45:19 No. 11749 del
What should be the top general discussion boards, /b, /tech, /pol and /v are barely alive with /pol being most active. This says a lot about the general tone of endchan. I think for /tech to improve we need to see increased traffic to endchan as a whole. I remember long ago a bot on /g that gave generic replies to make the board seem more active and appealing to new visitors. In addition the only way to attract NEW members is publicity. I have been thinking of asking odili if we can have a game on the endchan servers to help draw people in, possibly Minetest although that's a little out of fashion now. I know people are also attracted to releases and people do come to see the endware suite. However I can't think of anything I could release that would be worthy.