Anonymous 01/31/2017 (Tue) 15:12:04 No. 267 del
Synchan has died quite a number of times over its history lul. We started out as in 2010, then moved to, and now have Through a series of my own incompetence and a battle with my old host we lost the *chan software I had been developing for Synchan and picked up Tinyboard ever since

My wholehearted dedication to developing Synchan died around 2013, but from 2013-2015 I occasionally chimed in with some updates and bug fixes either because I wanted to see it return to what it once was fueled by short bursts of delusion or I was too stubborn to see it die forever.

Recently the site routed to another project I had been working on, because I forgot to change the port in the apache configuration for

I have the site up and running again and made a sticky: