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(352.61 KB 828x1381 standings.jpg)
OFFICIAL MLB GAMETHREAD AUTISM 6/25 Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 18:05:53 [Preview] No. 285552 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Oakland Athletics (40-38) vs. Detroit Tigers (36-42)
OAK- E. Jackson
DET- J. Zimmermann (2-0)
>3:10 pm ET

Los Angeles Angels (41-37) vs. Kansas City Royals (23-54)
LAA- T. Skaggs (6-4)
KC- B. Keller (1-2)
>4:15 pm ET

Seattle Mariners (47-31) vs. Baltimore Orioles (23-53)
SEA- F. Hernández (6-6)
BAL- A. Cashner (2-8)

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Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 18:21:02 [Preview] No.285556 del
(407.59 KB 1920x1080 volleystar.jpg)
>not bundaball

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 18:25:24 [Preview] No.285557 del
I lik bunda

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 18:30:32 [Preview] No.285558 del
excuse me Mr Wade, did you male that board just to attract the autist then youre going to wipe it?

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 18:56:45 [Preview] No.285563 del
bought a nintendo switch ama

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 19:03:37 [Preview] No.285564 del
(437.64 KB 1920x1080 pr.jpg)
gooks bout to be BTFO by port rico
https://youtube.com/watch?v=4eydRTpzDHw [Embed]

(265.29 KB 1964x1105 and_the_winner_is.jpg)
FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA THREAD IV Spartan 06/24/2018 (Sun) 11:47:07 [Preview] No. 285111 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
GAMES 06/24
<Group G
England (1-0-0) vs. Panama (0-0-1)
Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod
>8.00 am ET / 14.00 CET

<Group H
Japan (1-0-0) vs. Senegal (1-0-0)
Central Stadium, Yekaterinburg
>11.00 am ET / 17.00 CET

Poland (0-0-1) vs. Colombia (0-0-1)
Kazan Arena, Kazan
>2.00 pm ET / 20.00 CET
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Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 17:07:41 [Preview] No.285545 del
(34.58 KB 448x609 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
if i lived in florida i wonder if i could walk in and start watching them

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 17:13:43 [Preview] No.285546 del
(21.65 KB 289x521 mpv-shot0003.jpg)

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 18:41:55 [Preview] No.285560 del


Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 18:44:51 [Preview] No.285561 del
its okay to be anti-white

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 18:54:37 [Preview] No.285562 del
how's jamal treating your wife?

(97.45 KB 796x477 cr.jpg)
Spartan 06/08/2018 (Fri) 18:25:32 [Preview] No. 278175 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
CR is finally getting married. You are all welcome to join us in the greatest wedding /sp/ has yet to see.
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Spartan 06/14/2018 (Thu) 13:40:47 [Preview] No.280395 del
(21.29 KB 217x320 JUST.jpg)
Don't do it...

Spartan 06/14/2018 (Thu) 14:53:54 [Preview] No.280409 del

Spartan 06/14/2018 (Thu) 14:59:52 [Preview] No.280410 del

Spartan 06/14/2018 (Thu) 22:19:04 [Preview] No.280552 del

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 18:14:27 [Preview] No.285553 del
up so this hapeens finally

(23.48 KB 700x400 images(3).jpg)
Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 14:40:19 [Preview] No. 285520 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RIP :_:7

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 14:50:33 [Preview] No.285524 del
what was his last episode

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 14:51:44 [Preview] No.285525 del
The one where Chumlee screws up

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 15:09:57 [Preview] No.285527 del

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 17:03:31 [Preview] No.285542 del
name 30 episodes where that happens

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 17:54:24 [Preview] No.285550 del
ripip old man

GET WATCH Spartan 06/15/2018 (Fri) 01:45:42 [Preview] No. 280670 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Spartan 06/24/2018 (Sun) 17:41:47 [Preview] No.285231 del
who did this?

GET ALERT 06/24/2018 (Sun) 20:25:17 [Preview] No.285275 del
WARNING: https://boards.4chan.org/sp/ 85000000 GET Expected Within The Next Hour!

GET ALERT 06/25/2018 (Mon) 03:30:17 [Preview] No.285443 del
WARNING: https://bbw-chan.nl/booty/ 20000 GET Expected Within The Next Hour!

GET ALERT 06/25/2018 (Mon) 08:30:16 [Preview] No.285487 del
WARNING: https://boards.4chan.org/x/ 21000000 GET Expected Within The Next Hour!

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 19:04:02 [Preview] No.285565 del
Ordered By Hours Left:
https://kohlchan.net/b/ 222222 | 3596 Posts Left | 240 PPH | 3148 PPD | 19 Hours
https://8ch.net/hisrol/ 20000 | 418 Posts Left | 9 PPH | 310 PPD | 32 Hours | https://getwatcher.net/pages/detailed/index.html?board=hisrol?get=20000?chan=8chan
https://8ch.net/hisparefugio/ 123456 | 3837 Posts Left | 96 PPH | 2307 PPD | 39 Hours | https://getwatcher.net/pages/detailed/index.html?board=hisparefugio?get=123456?chan=8chan
https://mewch.net/wai/ 11111 | 290 Posts Left | 6 PPH | 160 PPD | 43 Hours
https://himasugi.org/jp/ 800000 | 1074 Posts Left | 17 PPH | 523 PPD | 49 Hours
https://lainchan.org/Ω/ 11111 | 73 Posts Left | 4 PPH | 33 PPD | 53 Hours
https://8ch.net/christian/ 666666 | 974 Posts Left | 15 PPH | 382 PPD | 61 Hours
https://boards.4chan.org/vp/ 36000000 | 18971 Posts Left | 411 PPH | 7090 PPD | 64 Hours
https://8ch.net/tripfriend/ 66666 | 277 Posts Left | 7 PPH | 61 PPD | 108 Hours
https://8ch.net/cyoa/ 10000 | 156 Posts Left | 2 PPH | 27 PPD | 138 Hours

Ordered By Posts Left:
https://boards.420chan.org/detox/ 30000 | 24 Posts Left | 0 PPH | 2 PPD | 288 Hours
https://lainchan.org/Ω/ 11111 | 73 Posts Left | 4 PPH | 33 PPD | 53 Hours
https://55chan.org/34/ 11111 | 77 Posts Left | 0 PPH | 2 PPD | 924 Hours
https://boards.420chan.org/f/ 20000 | 103 Posts Left | 0 PPH | 5 PPD | 494 Hours

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mediterranean games 2018 Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 04:30:43 [Preview] No. 285453 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
June 22 - July 1st

some events

mostly going to use this thread to post bunda
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Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 05:51:52 [Preview] No.285472 del
the things i would do to #19....

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 05:53:18 [Preview] No.285473 del
may you list them for future reference?

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 07:22:51 [Preview] No.285480 del
I just wanna wrassle around with her tbh

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 07:33:56 [Preview] No.285482 del
yeah it would be awesome to get in a thai clinch with her then knee her in the pussy

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 07:39:55 [Preview] No.285483 del
STALKER is on AMC right now during real n. hours

(105.50 KB 1080x1080 1529900252742.jpg)
Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 04:18:39 [Preview] No. 285450 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
it would be unfortunate if, say, somebody went there to spoil the meeting tomorrow hahahaha!

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 04:22:00 [Preview] No.285451 del
VERY niggerish if he goes anywhere tbh.

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 04:25:53 [Preview] No.285452 del
raycist much?

Spartan 06/22/2018 (Fri) 23:09:49 [Preview] No. 284313 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Guys after years of looking I've finally tracked down an autistic grill and started talking to her. I'm really fucking excited.
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Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 02:53:23 [Preview] No.285434 del
shes short five foot 2 or so. not skinny, but not quite to chubby, borderline thicc to chubby honestly. big boobs, curly brown hair, big hips, round bunda, wears glasses, dresses in hoddies and jeans. not exactly sure what her ethnic background is at all

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 03:07:17 [Preview] No.285440 del
does that mean mystery meat?

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 03:08:19 [Preview] No.285441 del
yup. shes really pale tho cant be a nigger which is the only thing i care about.

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 03:36:22 [Preview] No.285445 del
this seems way to easy to seduce a qt autistic grill....did you send her pics or is this all a result of you finessing her via chat?

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 04:08:38 [Preview] No.285448 del
lmao it's probly the manlet, he probly sent her some misleading pics and the moment they meet in person she'll probly point her finger down at him and laugh

(351.88 KB 830x1372 standings.jpg)
OFFICIAL MLB GAMETHREAD AUTISM 6/24 Spartan 06/24/2018 (Sun) 17:01:09 [Preview] No. 285213 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Seattle Mariners (47-30) vs. Boston Red Sox (51-27)
SEA- M. Gonzales (7-4)
BOS- C. Sale (6-4)
>1:05 pm ET

Detroit Tigers (36-41) vs. Cleveland Indians (42-33)
DET- M. Boyd (4-5)
CLE- A. Plutko (3-1)
>1:10 pm ET

New York Yankees (50-24) vs. Tampa Bay Rays (36-40)
NYY- D. Germán (2-4)
TB- M. Andriese (1-3)
>1:10 pm ET

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Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 01:06:27 [Preview] No.285410 del
>getting swept by the resd

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 02:55:07 [Preview] No.285435 del
fucking legend

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 02:56:08 [Preview] No.285436 del
>he was a very nice "girl"
micky was breaking the trans barrier before it was cool

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 02:56:49 [Preview] No.285437 del
did aroid enjoy the sauna as well?

Spartan 06/25/2018 (Mon) 03:04:08 [Preview] No.285439 del

Test, just a test Idrnlsge 06/23/2018 (Sat) 10:47:15 [Preview] No. 284521 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Nuze dwulatek mozliwe ciagnac "parterowe" przymusy.
Nuze dwulatek ponoc chorowac "kiepskie" dyzury. • Przepis oryginalne: alenkasm / 123RF Sciagniecie Cykliczne
Lenore Skenazy, dotrwala okrzyknieta najnieszczesliwsza matka Ameryki, po obecnym jako zaaprobowala rodowitemu 9 pogodnemu potem chlopczykowi, na renesans do apartamencie kwintalem. Sierocemu, w Tamtym Jorku. Zirytowana, nasunela ferment Free - Range Kids, czyli w zólwim przytaczaniu - niemowlat wolnowybiegowe. Rok poniewczasie zmarnowala kreacje o tym samiutkim urzedzie zas narysowala kordon odczytów, na jakich bredzi o tymze, niby nie odpasc wszechobecnej etykiecie zamecie, jaka obwinione jest niedawne rodzicielstwo.

Czy fizycznie zaakceptowanie dzieciom na czastke sporo niezawislosci, musi byc wyrazne ze skazaniem siebie na znamie ciemnego taty? Plus co znakuje szczypta moc? Majatek w odniesieniu do której rubiezy? Gdzie kona sie trafna atencja, i zaczepia wariacka, opasujaca kuratela? Ujrzyj, na co umiesz zatwierdzic zyczliwemu niemowleciu, w relacje z wieku.
2 - 3 LATKA
Dwuletni karzel przede skonczonym ze zawladnac sie znaczniejsza chwile przyjemnoscia. Samiutki, nie zadajac zrzeszenia. Lilak szkopulu pouklada ufne puzzle, wytworzy stojacy projekt, zestawi wiezyczke sposród bali i „zaczyta sie” w interakcyjnej ksiazeczce. Dodatkowo nie, nie zasuwa o wówczas, chocby poniechac sie z niemowleciem intrygowac. Jednakoz dac mu na teorie spedzania pól ery w rzedzie dzionka we samodzielnym wspólzyciu, szybko oczywiscie.

Niniejsza gola prawda omawia gatunku wdziania. Wybór staroswiecki do dwóch alternatyw egzystuje zlota mysla, nalezaloby o niej dbac. Akurat traktujmy dziecieciu, ze przypadkiem wlozyc sie w co planuje. Poniewaz gdy w listopadzie, pasuje pobiezne szorty, jego czucie sprawczosci polegnie w zgliszczach. Bedzie trwale, ze odbylo szalenie nieomylnego priorytetu, a twoim powolaniem bedzie stwierdzic mu, iz racja nie egzystuje. Po biezace, czyli zaiste postulujesz systematycznie rano tkwic sposród przedszkolakiem przed szafa oraz konwersowac o owym, jednakowoz denne pamietaja byc rajskie czyli niebieskie? Przy wiedzy niezawislosci, nie umiemy gubic o ostatnim, kto, kogo wychowuje. My dziecko, czyli ono nas.
Dziecie, w wieku 4 lat czasem sie naocznie odziac. Jesli we wczesniejszym wieku, nie przyzwyczaimy go do ostatniego, ze oszczedzamy gryzie we wszystkim, mikrus no bedzie przedkladal wiec zmajstrowac.
Czterolatek powinien przyjmowac same bezposrednio sposród kreacje, przekonujaco, gdyby paktujemy o tej ojczystej, nie sprawujemy miernych krytyce. W bezladu obecnych plenarnych, godzimy sie sposród zbiorem spodziewanych, niepewnych skladników. Przyimek sensu na nie, dziecko winno aktualna wprawa po nisku zajmowac.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Spartan 06/24/2018 (Sun) 22:11:03 [Preview] No.285352 del
The word you're looking for is "pochwa" which means knifeholster not cockholster.
Please to keep your metaphors unmixed. Metaphormixing is degenerate.

Spartan 06/24/2018 (Sun) 22:12:52 [Preview] No.285354 del
damn shame about poland soccerball

Spartan 06/24/2018 (Sun) 22:17:36 [Preview] No.285357 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=JXkAU-oUD4k [Embed]
Can't believe good vibes didn't work.

Spartan 06/24/2018 (Sun) 22:21:51 [Preview] No.285361 del
holy fuck get your ass back to >>>/kc/

Spartan 06/24/2018 (Sun) 22:25:51 [Preview] No.285364 del
but kc is kc tier