Arcanine 07/07/2017 (Fri) 02:15:41 Id: 4d3a59 No. 247 del
"Free Love" usually means you're chasing real love in all of the wrong ways, using sex as an opiate to medicate a real problem until like all drugs, one develops a resistance. Those guys who base their self worth on how many women they've slept with, they never had any real self worth or confidence to begin with. Inevitably, they find themselves in the only bed that can scratch that itch; in the bed of horror herself.

Now some men make a lover out of horror. Memories are funny things; remember something too much, and it fades, remember it too little, it only becomes accessible in a similar moment. Some things in your life, you will never remember again, and some things haunt you. Most women fill you with good memories, subjugate the harm of the bad ones, they take away your venom, forcing you to develop interdependance with others. Horror though, she takes away fear; She removes the need to self-preserve, their need to have an identity, a sense of self, or to retain any notion of who and what one is or once was. All memories become lifeless, people do not matter to you. She focuses a mans passions on unobtainable abstracts; power, wealth, fame. Afterall, how can someone be content without fear, without risk or a sense of the possibility value might be lost or gained? Horror demands her entertainment.

This is total liberation; a state of being truely free.

Most men horror doesn't favor or truely love, so she offers them mercy; a gun for a lover and a shot for the pain at hand.

Let someone, whom horror loves intensely, give you some advice.

You can commit suicide any way you'd like. Pull the trigger and end your suffering, that's one way. Go work a soulless job making money for some 3rd generation company owners little shit. That's another way. Go into a bad neighborhood and raid crackhouses for money, then take monthly trips to vegas. Or, give your life away to Uncle Sam.

Or, Go find the Weeaboo and offer her a ring. That's another option.

Ultimately, all you are doing is trading your life for something. Make it a good trade. You only get one.