Arcanine 02/28/2017 (Tue) 09:36:22 Id: e975f4 No. 222 del
You can be ruined by performing in pornography. You suck off a jew dick in a casting couch that will be available in at least 720p indefinatley. I never expect to have a woman suck my dick to completion though if that is the concern. The thing about the porn is that it is an escape. Compulsively fapping is an escape like drugs. I understand there is a dehumanization to the whole porn thing but it does not have to do with lonleyness I see sex an masturbating to porn as 2 different experiences. The sex is something that accompanies a warmth that porn destroys. Porn is like a way to get out the viral instinctual urge to go and court a woman. I understand that part of it if that is why you think men are ruined. I would argue it is a chance to not fall into petty relationships.
But I can stop watching porn I can not stop fapping. You have to fap sometimes when you wake up.the sexual frustration is palpable. I remember waking up and fapping to completion before my eyes where fully open. Its not the fapping that the problem is rather the sex cult that runs porn and the prostitution and strip clubs or (((gentelmens clubs))).that is the same sex cult that farms children and shit. these people make porn because there is interest for seeing cult women in sex. Some of the popular celebrity porn stars are actually women who calm down children that are being tortured in satanic rituals. THey tell them everything is fine so that they can be murdered and totally drained of all the life force when they where calmed down. Ok so all of this semen worship and whatnot is the same kikes fucking over the masses. Porn makes it seem like men who like to see grown women having sex as a bad thing. There is a shameful bad side of porn and not even tranny and gay porn fuck it if you are a fag homo out. But there is horrible things done with impunity because of the cult that is a sex cult that has ruined the world. The more exotic and taboo the better to them. That is a dangerous way to think and that is why there is these festering people who get off on seeing little kids cut up and stuff. There is bad porn. There is bondage and child and bestiality and hurt-core and illegal porn.Then there is sexual snuff like Daisy's destruction. People have been fooled into thinking bondage is a legitimate subculture only to show up at the super sekrit sex party to be stabbed to death while hog tied. It happens all of the time. That is dangerous porn because everyone associated with it in any way is constantly seething over hurting people and luring people into the pain cult. So even if someone like facial abuse videos they are watching women act in sex of their own free will. It is a lust kind of sin. But porn is not ruining men. Cults are ruining men. Cults are killing people and saying the people they killed committed suicide. Cults do false flags to create a police state to execute everyone publicly. If the jews saturate the internet with so much porn that half of the web is porn than that is just kikes kiking out.