Arcanine 01/08/2017 (Sun) 22:57:03 Id: e618f1 No. 220 del

>What do I do in the threads?
Talk to people, make conversation. Don't try to get into anyone's pants. It is a social thread on /soc/, for actually being social, without nudity!

>Wait, is this some super-secret cool kids' club where you can only be some sort of shut-in freak to participate in?
No, we are moderately tolerant of normalfags here. Feel free to participate, just don't be a dick.

Discuss it with us, but civilly. If you are spouting out obscenities and insults because you don't like something, chances are, it is not going to change and you will be blown off as some anally pained droll. Now, if you are civil, people will work with you.

>What's an IRC?

>Help I'm banned from the IRC even though i never been there!
Odds are you share the same host region as someone who was banned before. Have someone contact an op or owner to get it settled.

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