Arcanine 10/18/2016 (Tue) 03:47:37 No. 189 del
>tfw everyone uses proprietary, centralized and non free social media to keep in touch
>tfw they use these services even though there's hard evidence of deliberate spying and exploitation of their users

>tfw everyone everywhere has an android/ios based smartphone
>I don't have one for reasons stated above
>tfw only way of communicating with others is by phone
>tfw phone works by constantly sending/receiving requests to nearby towers revealing your location at any given moment
>tfw no one uses it anyway

>tfw most of the web is hostile towards anonymizing proxies
>tfw a lot of the web uses javascript and won't work without it
>tfw have to use some of these sites for work

>tfw hardly anyone uses anonymizing networks
>tfw no people to start a local WAN/MAN with since no one seems to be interested (and let's face it, it will end up deader than onionland in the long run)
>tfw IoT will be run on global internet infrastructure, not MANs or at least state run networks

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