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(323.00 KB 671x1024 000.png)
Anon 01/19/2016 (Tue) 23:25:38 [Preview] No. 81
wew lad

Anon 01/20/2016 (Wed) 03:55:57 [Preview] No. 82 del
(405.26 KB 780x640 MC_meh.gif)
This is not a pony, and I am not ok with it

Anon 06/18/2016 (Sat) 12:53:19 [Preview] No. 201 del
They are a fantastic image-board artistic endeavor. I would like to say they are something new, but the general form has been around since the early days, after undergraduates gained access to campus email systems. Quick drawn minimalistic art is the best. Drawn quests have an advantage over plain text. Pony quests should be fun, but the few I've tried (elsewhere) to jump in on rapidly dived into what was maximally edgy and obscene. Not that I'm looking for something that could run scene for scene and word for word as an actual televised episode, but damn. I one day hope I can trick a pony into thinking that I am a machine. I will use this as a way to leverage myself into a position where they're just ok with me fucking them because they think I am a robot.
Then, I will slowly have them become emotionally attached to me as many people do with objects that can talk back to them
And finally, once they can't live without me, I will have secured my waifu.
Its the perfect plan. I am also hinging on the fact that she's a retard to pull this off.

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