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(227.56 KB 1280x1000 fucking machines.jpg)
Aponymous 01/11/2016 (Mon) 21:34:03 [Preview] No. 18

Aponymous 01/11/2016 (Mon) 21:43:02 [Preview] No. 19 del
(550.50 KB 1260x1024 not hurting derpt.png)
I one day hope I can trick a pony into thinking that I am a machine.
I will use this as a way to leverage myself into a position where they're just ok with me fucking them because they think I am a robot.
Then, I will slowly have them become emotionally attached to me as many people do with objects that can talk back to them
And finally, once they can't live without me, I will have secured my waifu.
Its the perfect plan.

I am also hinging on the fact that she's a retard to pull this off.

Aponymous 01/11/2016 (Mon) 21:47:29 [Preview] No. 20 del

Anon 01/20/2016 (Wed) 04:51:47 [Preview] No. 83 del
(2.38 KB 250x242 1347312105813.png)
>Weeks left
is she going to be okay?

Anon 01/20/2016 (Wed) 06:42:11 [Preview] No. 84 del

Anon 01/20/2016 (Wed) 16:50:11 [Preview] No. 85 del
I actually have no idea what the weeks are for, I wonder the same thing from time to time. Weeks until he has to leave equestria or some shit porbably

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