Anon 12/07/2018 (Fri) 00:27:53 No.2741 del
>I think it maybe one of my favorite gifs now and it perfectly fits this situation.

I can see that gif fitting for anything drama related. This is why we should recycle content sometimes. The flower trio is back......screaming.

>NSFW pic appears and you don´t like it because it´s vore or a grotesque fetish


>As it has been said, fandom's non social media instincts striking again to shelter us from the brought of the drama. A lot of fandom's could be really debased with this.
Fortunately for the brony fanbase, as it doesn´t rely on the maintream social media, it has avoided nicely what could have been a huge slap in the face. Chans while anonymous, are more consistent over time because the style remains mostly the same and underground but when big companies put their hands and don´t understand what actually works for the community, they shit on everything established spontaneously by the users. I guess Verizon hates Jesus as well.

>For us tumblr was a homebase for many of our artist.
and Derpi and Furaffinity were there to give them some backup. So at least, they only have to move and their popularity won´t be lost in those two sites but as for Tumblr, they have lost the popularity created over there. If you check Derpi´s forums, they are downloading stuff and supporting what they can do so the damage can be controlled and hurt less to those users.

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