Anon 12/06/2018 (Thu) 18:03:43 No.2740 del
>There would be some difficulties getting a system to work almost flawlessly like Derpibooru's of course do to the scale of Tumblr's size, but even taking that into consideration they are doing it retarded.
pretty much. They have become the laughing stock at this point. By avoiding porn and destroying all the structure built from its main appeal, they have basically offended and fucked it up much harder than the initial idea of preventing to hide it from the public. If they keep going into that route all the way (even though the damage and migration is already done), it´s going to be studied of how not to make ad revenue from your site that has porn in it. I hope this move is not the only one that fails.....I am looking as well at that Japanese that divided the site in two just for that chance of receiving money.

>I wouldn't think it be too hard to have a user based ratings system installed. Tumblr users are already used to tags anyway.
if Newgrounds or alternative sites for Tumblr saw this,they would explode in popularity overnight.

>they'red be of course slip ups, but they'd get used to it.
that where moderation and volunteers come into play. Feedback is always needed.

>A user led system with a small team of moderators would be superior to any AI based one.
seeing how much effective the Tumblr bots are, for sure humans can do much better than that. Technology at its finest.....of course. This is Verizon what we are talking about yet they haven´t put much thought onto it. Maybe soon they won´t have money to pay some actual mods

>It's funny to watch these corporations and there AI's try to clamp down on everything, ethier being too loose or destorying all content, after seeing how Derpibooru system works.
yeah, I always try to admire Derpibooru way of dealing with all the content so nicely and for all the different users. It delivers a series of filters that is offered to you and you use them under your own responsibility and in two clicks, change them as if nothing happened. It´s a really clean system that makes you feel at home whatever thing you are browsing over there.It´s really amazing that it plays with both world so well.

If there has to be some brony legacy brought onto the internet, Derpi´s system is the biggest worthy creation to copy and take notes. Instead of facing the cringe and mature content like these companies do, they play with it and put into different boxes and adjustments of what you want to see.

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