Anon 12/06/2018 (Thu) 17:48:26 No.2739 del
>There had been a problem with CP and gray area stuff for awhile. Particular with stuff like mommy daddy fetish and dipper fetish blogs trying to interact with legitimate blogs in those areas for awhile. Along with dozens of porn bots.
and they fucked it up badly. They had a problem with that but that could be certainly dealt with a less extreme way for it.
Alright, CP is unavoidable as well but it drops into a very different zone that not even chans can afford it because of playing with the law. Hell, it´s one of the very few rules of this site as well (and the internet in general). Like Greg Universe would say: "Call the police" and say hi to the tribunals.

They thought getting rid of it would solve everything yet they consider a chicken, a Fairy Tale keychain, old nude artistic pictures or even Jesus Christ tagged as explicit content and flagged....

the algorithm is so fucked up that one cannot avoid creating memes of how stupid is the solution in comparison to the problem. Not to mention that said problem was the source of income of that site. GG well played.

>With many saying that Tumblr refused to tackle it for a long time until now when it seems that Verizon felt uncomfortable with all the porn (they bought out yahoo recently and they are the ones that put the nsfw hidding system last year) and this was the straw that broke the camel's back for them.
they thought investors and ad revenue would pay off instead by making it more positive yet it brought laughs, migration to other sites and betrayal. It´s like saying that Burger King doesn´t sell hamburgers anymore or that IKEA sells cupcakes only instead of furniture.

Porn is fast food content that generates that fame and visitors to the site. It basically democratized the porn and NSFW content,replacing DA for that. Anything else has been considered as non appealing to the public eyes because of their political views and snowflake blogs.

Posting Rainbow Dash so you can compare her with what you have posted.