Anon 12/06/2018 (Thu) 17:18:44 No.2738 del
that image sure is in spoilers because that face. More than being suggestive, I think you have posted it like that with that mindset of looking bad.

Is that SB appealing? Because I don´t find it at all. Instead, I do find this style more visually appealing to my eyes. I may like body pillows and a character showing itself fully but not things like that. Sex and porn may be off putting but if you add a cringy and low quality stuff for drawing some sort appeal, then it gets worse like you said. Again, it all relies in the artist.

Another thing that I have forgotten about is that people got better as soon as they saw money with it, especially skilled artists that didn´t mind NSFW stuff but actually went into that direction and got popular with a different speed than SFW ones. They can´t say no to those donations or commissions and ironically, this rule 34 meme has translated into what we have today...having an actual impact for a big column like Tumblr. I cannot look past that.

>Get ya on the tired thing. As it I feel too sleepy from a busy day to reply to all either tonight. There is still plenty to discus indeed
yeah, because we have added another topic that I personally find more interesting and it was completely unexpected so jumping onto it properly and give a spotlight will require some time. Even for having sexual desires or dealing with stuff that appeals to the dark side, it still requires time and analysis either way. That for sure are two factors for anything....and interest.

clock is tickling and Christmas is coming soon. You will most likely enjoy it a lot.

>The comic.
Do you know what´s funny? I haven´t read it either. I posted it without paying attention. I should comment about that as well.

>Tumblr imploding.

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