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now that Rarity sure wants to challenge you and sure she show some balanced proportions that fit pretty well with the dress.
And while that pic of RD looks like is not that well defined, the artist could translate her into somewhat decent. Nothing mindblowing but enjoyable nonetheless.

>And to be fair. It wasn't like it was all bad, in fact I found a good bit that was decent or even good. But there was still a lot more of the trash art and you know how tat can shape perception.
That´s the problem and certainly, Derpi has tried to fix that with the rating order and filters to keep them out of sight. There have always existed exceptions to the rule and some artist have managed to understand how it works while others fail at applying it. It catches us with less surprise but for sure, it´s not an easy task to apply that well, even if the consumer doesn´t ask for standards.

>Though I think the anthro artist have made great progress in finding there own style.
that´s true and keep in mind that while the brony identity from that era has disappeared, the style has detoured a lot and even the franchise itself had officially changed the direction we were supposed to go.

In season 6, Ember changed the fandom´s view about the dragons in two ways simultaneously:
1. She had a tsundere personality that differed from the dragons stereotype so the fandom would give a 2nd chance after the Dragon Quest mess and the episode has always been placed at the top for season 6. She has brought an enjoyable experience and she didn´t have the ponified structure.
2. She was attractive and appealed lots of people to draw bipedal with a different idea/mindset. Fans wouldn´t just copy DA but also the show itself with it (without counting the official humanized version of ponies with EQG, that surely prepared artist to get used to humans as well).

When the movie was announced, everyone feared that Capper would open Pandora´s box and bring furries onto the table, yet Ember has stayed as the favorite choice for official characters from the show.

>I still sometimes see shadows of this era and I have bit of uncanny valley at times.

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