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>I honestly was inspired by the emotions it made me feel, though I have idea how I'll express it yet.
well yeah, not every day you can talk so happily about these topics, despite how common they have been here
>I'm not going to do something retarded and insane like ship Flimflamfilosphy with Pewdiepie and email him while trying to play shrink.
lol no, we have other chans for that. When you see that the thing is going serious, go the same. If the thing is a joke, then you are able to shitpost without consequences. It´s a matter of common sense.
>it probably wont involve humans at all if that's what your thinking.
what I meant was deeper than that. It´s bringing the wrong values of reality:indoctrination, blinding people into random hate, making bullshit with cheap propaganda. That´s what I meant. What´s wrong or right or the concept of ethics? My mind just says that I cannot cause tempests nor create crows to eat my own eyes in the future, so I am personally careful about my pots and not only that, it´s in life in general. I have the freedom to give the influences like Saturn eating his own son influence but I don´t feel like doing them. If anything, I play with the darkness or harsh personal views about anything.

>progressive rock and all its offshoots as a simple answer, though there is a lot of random stuff mixed in there, for classic hits I remember to random songs I found on my own. I also have no musical talent what so ever.
classic 70s prog albums, Yes Pink Floys, Genesis and King Crimson,etc. Nice. I used to be into hits as well, I can enjoy them but certainly, I don´t focus on them just to not remember the bad ones that came from a cheap fad. My musical talent just came from guitar hero (yeah, the video game) and after 9 years of learning, I personally get bored of long solos and focus more on chords or musical crafting.

>that sounds way too rawly sad for me to like, you never know. I think your taste in music is actually kind of cool honestly. No offense but most people sans my father were either into modern pop and or country so It's nice to see stuff that I haven't heard off/ is obscure.
obscure? well, it has sold over 3 million vcopies over the world, 40000 in Spain, certainly not unpopular but not that praised either(4.1 in Pitchfork).
My taste could have gone a lot edgier than that but I like the evening dress to show that edge. I like some class for putting it into the spotlight.
It sounds sad as hell indeed. It has its upbeat moments as well, but for a 14 year old, listening to "I don´t want to be and old and sleep alone, an empty house is not a home. I don´t want to be an old and feel afraid" in the 1st track....thankfully I listen to english songs as a background sound but I perfectly get what they say and what they feel. I guess that album predicted and made an impact on my personality.
"For a lonely soul, you are having such a nice time" off from Nothing in my Way is what has accidentally defined me. This is show while replying to these topics. I have taken the vaccine against the over edge moments and just have introvert thoughts in which I cannot escape easily.
>if anything I maybe be able to find something that would ring with teenage me

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