Anon 05/16/2018 (Wed) 23:40:24 No.1392 del
>perhaps a little weird it's actually kind of nice to see something with this feel.
I don´t feel unique for posting that. It shows the evidence behind the laughter and shitposts and most fags just focus on that.

>There are already dozens of anon greens and fimifiction stories that are cearly escapist
because MLP has been considered a escapist show. What could bring it down is the down to earth feel that the recent seasons are going for. Not that they are bad but the purpose of feeling innocent just vanished over time...just like us.
At least, it´s nice to see that they are going on it on FiMFic. I admit that I have never focused on that site but still I support their activity from the background.
>You where just acknowledging that there is something to escape from for a good bit of us.
I am another the background. I amy not enjoy the content nor have had interest on the fan content but it´s still nice to see people enjoying things that fans have created ith a passion. I just focus on the dark side or not so chill side because I am used to thinking about these things before the mindless or fun ones.
>I can understand being scared of DWK reading it. But you don't have to be scared of me anon. I know I've already said this but I am extremely chill with stuff and I won't call you a autist for frank expression and experimentation. Also I'm not against the namefagory either, especially for writing greens.
I know that I have earned some respect over these months from you and while I have a fearful side, I think I have the will to show this. I just namefag mostly when I have to give some deep thoughts about it. Don´t expect me to namefag too much either but I can still be considered as one for its justification.
I think it will appear in the next Rarity thread after seeing your positive review about it. I don´t know what reactions will happen but at some point, taking the next step should be the natural path for it.

>More of just trying to express an unsung truth.
which hurts and makes it seem like that. For this one, I don´t have the intent to do that but still, it reflects the message in a different way and...somewhat more interesting than a blogpost. Don´t think that I am safe of my own critiques because even though I can have all the support of the world, I usually wonder where I could be wrong.
>If I wanted to I could write an epic about Twilight Sparkle's cleaning dishes with small talk. I often let myself get lost in small or random subjects.
The small details define the life itself. It´s the momentum in which you see it clear yet you don´t know when it´s going to come, not when someone asks for it.

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