Anon 05/16/2018 (Wed) 23:08:53 No.1391 del
>Surprised that this got turned into a contest between Dolores and Twily.
Mostly because they have something interesting to talk about. Twilight has read a lot of books and sure, her knowledge either bores you or entertains you for a long period. It´really helps when you are meeting with someone who always has something interesting to talk about.
Dolores has a very complex backstory so there could be hard hitting empathy moments when someone is down psychologically. She and Sunset can tell a lot of life advice and introvert thoughts to talk about. They have lived in loneliness and so...does a lot of fans.

>I would've expected Pinkie to have a better showing, along with RD but she isn't as much of a fan favorite as she was in the early days
She is an external ambassador like Spike but while Pinkie is great at establishing relationships or setting a nice party even in the darkest places to chill up, she isn´t certainly the deepest most of the times. However, when she gets into the feelings territory like the last part of Maud Couple, Heartbreakers, Pinkie Pride....oh boy, she really gets into them.

Rainbow has always been a mascot personality than a character and whenever she does something, she always ends up getting the TOP CUNT title.
Is Rainbow actually interesting by herself? Well, the Daring Do books and some episodes like Grannies Gone Wild, Secrets and Pies or Tanks for the Memories make her somewhat less of a cunt and more like that asshole friend that you need to hang out with because of feeling cool and having an adventure with someone who loves that.

>Maybe it was a buch of people who didn't want Dolores to win that that tipped it like this.
Basically what you would expect. There are people who still hate her despite that since the season 5 final, a ton of stories have happened in between.