Anon 05/16/2018 (Wed) 22:50:48 No.1390 del
(57.52 KB 410x285 feels good lady.png)
>I so want to make some OC because of this.
Don´t hurry up m8. You can do it perfectly...but if you feel like doing it, go without hesitation.

>This is awesome on so many levels. I mean, your interest in music and even my exposure to it. Bat ponies and the bat cadence green it just fits the /end/ so well.
It´s ironic isn´t it. The bridges have covered us in darkness. I mean, she was the mascot for a wordfilter....but making her a full goth in her teenage years goes beyond than anything I could expect. Now, this is canon and oh boy, what a surprise after seeing the conversations taken over here.