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>I don't hold this as a full reason or too much of a complaint as long they don't copy paste earth American culture cut and dry with no horse themed attributes to the motifs and tech they decide to use.
Las Pegasus though. Manehattan though. Appleloosa though, Twilight using a polygraph on Feeling Pinkie Keen though. You know magical places and stuff.

>we've seen things like modern paper, hoofheald video games, a hydrodams in the first two seasons.
I should have read this, yep, you got it.
>I do agree that sometimes it has been a bit much in the more recent seasons. I think it is more with the sense of distance, which I would partly attribute to modernness, but also out of a desire to make new and interesting things more accessible for plot's sake
we are probably seeing that MLP has received so much fantasy and happy rainbows into their world that it´s going in reverse, fantasy is looking for real things and the real world wants fantasy in their lives.

I guess technology makes things easier (the train is still getting overpowered as fuck, you cannot beat that). Though I don´t see that much of modernness in some episodes. It pretty much depends on the episode,the setting and random things in the background. However,save Grannies Gone Wild, I haven´t noticed that much of technology advancements and going further than the standard steampunk era. What makes it feel real,.....are the little details on the morals and ways to tell the story. The diplomatic and dialogue way to solve things in order to expand their places has a pretty close view of actual reality. Instead of feeling magical, the magical/tech things complement for something real, that´s why you feel that way.

>I remember thinking during season 4 that since the series was starting to really develop a set lore and at the time more fantasy/steampunk stuff as fanservice we'd be going the other way.
I said it in my project post. From season 3, nothing is canon because the series could have ended at that point. Princess Twilight Sparkle is the new take of the series that has had its roots on being fanservice. Season 3 was the awkward transition and Season 4 started another direction with the same train.
>I will say that they have made too many places familiar and uninteresting as a plot convenience. But that's what happened with the Everfree early on
Let´s say that ponies frew up. They are not pink innocent creatures. They are used to seeing random and constant menaces coming into their lives. See the parody of the bug bear in Slice of Life, I think Octavia looked down on the mane 6 for repeating these fights over and over.
>it lowers the fun you could have with lower/mid tier hostile forces like they used to have even in some of the slice of life ponyville eps
It isn´t The Mane Thing made fun of it and A Health of Information reminded us what´s so actually horrifying behind it. Nor menacing nor a cheerful place, it has to be dealt with some respect.

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