Anon 05/16/2018 (Wed) 04:44:25 No.1385 del
>when someone inspires to others....I shiver a little bit because of my own actions. Just showing a direction that someone else will take notes from me. It´s both amazing and scary if it´s taken in the wrong way.

Don't be afraid anon. I honestly was inspired by the emotions it made me feel, though I have idea how I'll express it yet. I'm not going to do something retarded and insane like ship Flimflamfilosphy with Pewdiepie and email him while trying to play shrink. In fact it probably wont involve humans at all if that's what your thinking.

>Wow. It´s hard to see a positive review in a chan but I guess the fandom despite the anonymity, is a community from the inside.

I honestly liked your stuff just because you were writing your emotions, first thing on your mind. The plot is in service to a feeling I suppose. I'm actually a little surprised that I do since I've always considered myself more of a insane joker at this point.

>However, my musical influences between my guitar teacher and the UK scene showed me a direction of ballads and pure melancholy.

My musical influences are not well defined and in the shadow of my father. I suppose I'll say, progressive rock and all its offshoots as a simple answer, though there is a lot of random stuff mixed in there, for classic hits I remember to random songs I found on my own. I also have no musical talent what so ever.

>If you want to have an idea, my first CD I owned was Under the Iron Sea in 2012. Not exactly a happy record to begin with and I have cried with two or three songs from it in intimacy.

Though that sounds way too rawly sad for me to like, you never know. I think your taste in music is actually kind of cool honestly. No offense but most people sans my father were either into modern pop and or country so It's nice to see stuff that I haven't heard off/ is obscure.

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