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>No emotion is clear nor it is easy to draw the line. Sadness and happiness can be felt at the same time and those are irrational and not as opposing as you may think.

You actually get it. Wow I'm impressed. I've felt a myriad of things that people would often try to externally describe as 'bittersweet' or 'ambivalence' yet those words never cut it for. Though less often I had the same with other emotions and feeling as well.

>I humanize him a little because it shows a little bit of me. People forgetting how to feel and robots that can feel more than them.

In a way perhaps you were trying to humanize yourself. I may have had something similer to you, but in my darkest/lowest point I based things entirely on exterior benefits over my personal pleasure. I suppose it was robotic in a way, but I way to stressed to describe as myself as emotionless. I am also an introvert and I really speak as well to most, so I get that.

>It just saddens me that I am not able to draw her as a seapony. I tried it once last year and while it wasn´t too bad, I am certainly ashamed of not having the skills to make justice. It seems that writing about my personal view works a bit more than drawing so far but I have that spine hidden somewhere.

I say you go for it. I understand fretting if its not perfect but you could experiment if you wanted. Just make it a personal thing you do for yourself, don't even post it here unless you really want to.

>And I love Rarity, you have no idea how much I love her especially with the images I have posted about her in this site. Just that I don´t show the root of it too much.

So Rarity is your best pone? Hmmm... didn't know that. I think she's a fine choice honestly. For me I've never had a best pone. Mane6 and CMC have always been my favorites but I never have decided on a singular pone that I'm drawn to; it's just different ones at different times. Though admittedly Dolores has been getting a lot of attention since /endpone/