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>t. Studied a bit with one of them to learn about it.
That's suspicious.
>it wasn't as painstaking as you seem to imply
I'm flat out saying it. That artistry is a painstaking process. I went through three art electives as filler when I was in Uni. I could reproduce the same designs in paint, given a few days and the right materials. Not that I'd want to because A) Fuck kikes and their symbology and B) It's a pain in the ass. Actually carving that intricate design in stone? Not painstaking? What?
>Not always/If there was really
^These are the tactics you employ. Your messages consistently read like hand-waving.
>or that Adam & Eve (or I guess Noah and his kids) somehow begat billions of people by themselves.
I recall the story of Cain and Abel. Cain was sent out among other people. Strange how it doesn't mention who they were. Regardless, it's not all allegory. It's faith. You're not a Christian if you dismiss that certain characters existed from your book's text. Might as well drop the entire religion.
>We do, though.
Wait. Are you a Christian Kabbalist? This is what that is: "Interest grew among some Christian scholars in what they saw to be the mystical aspects of Judaic Kabbalah, which were compatible with Christian theology." Except Judiasm is completely contradictory. Via "Jesus is the enemy enough to spit at his name".
>It was an earlier temple to Baal Haddad and Ashtart, and later the Roman one to Jupiter.
So same temple, different gods.
>Bully for you, to work in a place where they're able to do that.
Fucking hell. I wish I didn't. I get to fend fags off, as I'm married and straight. Meanwhile the dyke cunts are giving me daily migraines with their bullshit accusations of "homophobia" when I merely state how men should act. That is my right as a man. Bull dykes don't have a clue what it's like, but they act like it. You have a strange acceptance of absolute degeneracy. Anyway, not the point. Your buddy Chris talks like a Zionist traitor = he is a Zionist traitor. If he's not an actual jew himself.
>Watching the kikes with that embassy and the (((American))) toadies kowtowing to them was repugnant
The US government is unfortunately bought and paid for by jewish lobbies. All Zionist traitors should be shot in the head and left to rot.

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