Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 03:19:33 Id: 94609f No.65672 del
>The children would grow into adult killer marionettes on strings
Isn't it unethical to puppeteer your children though? What if they find their calling in less practical fields, perhaps they could grow into people that could defeat the ZOG through higher purpose.

>I teach them the same way I would approach a delicate indoctrinated norĀ­mie
That's smart thinking, children and normalfags are practically one in the same lmao.

>No media unless DVR'd and pre-watched
Yeah, with the amount of degeneracy that is propagated on the screens, monitoring for your family's sake is a good idea. What about with social media though? It's practically inescapable and the children will inevitably feel disconnected from their friends because of that in the future (unless of course you have a big family).