Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 02:58:48 Id: 9262f6 No.65669 del
>My primary worry is the conditioning itself, won't the intellect of the ZOG puppet end up a puppet of different nature if they're conditioned?
Of course the whole intent of that thought exercise was to imply they'd be a puppet. The children would grow into adult killer marionettes on strings. It's fighting fire with fire, basically.
>There's no need to condition your children, teaching them about ethics and why the ZOG is problematic and not to be so
That's what I actually do with my kids. I teach them the same way I would approach a delicate indoctrinated norĀ­mie. Kikes are called Israelis if they're in Israel, Hebrews if they're not, and non-jew ankle grabbers for ZOG are Zionist scum. I'm not bringing up my children to be targets of the jew complex. They're taught to be careful. No media unless DVR'd and pre-watched.