Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 02:32:07 Id: 94609f No.65667 del
>This may be the end
Destruction is not an equivalent to the end. Even a rotten piece of fruit holds biodegradable properties in order to produce further life of some kind; our planet is the most rotten planet in this universe.

>things will only get worse
I have thought and observed the direction this planet's heading for a long time now and I'm sure that the only way to purify such a filthy planet is through the inevitable destruction that's going to come from the fall. Unfortunately, rebuild from ruin is the only way this civilisation is realistically going to go now. Hold your virtues true though, there's a reason they're there in the first place: strength through spirit developed through history and culture.

>if we end up getting rid of the Bolsheviks, Masons, faggots, and kikes
They die out through natural selection; survival of the fittest.

>Incorporating in young minds contrary conditioning
I understand the reasoning behind this; the ZOG are a blatantly clear problem that needs to be stopped. My primary worry is the conditioning itself, won't the intellect of the ZOG puppet end up a puppet of different nature if they're conditioned? There's no need to condition your children, teaching them about ethics and why the ZOG is problematic and not to be so; the conditioning is unnecessary wit group so plague.