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>It's what orthodox jews practice.
Some of them.
t. Studied a bit with one of them to learn about it.
>Painstaking depiction=obvious significance.
Not always. Look at any ancient temple. And it wasn't as painstaking as you seem to imply. If there really was significance, maybe they'd have more examples of it than their actual symbols of the period.
>Because if you're a Christian, you must take the bible seriously
Yea, seriously is one thing. But a lot of it is also allegory. Sola Scriptura can be okay as long as you understand that for faithful matters. But there will always come a time when you have to employ Scholasticism. Otherwise that's how you end up with stuff like Ussher saying the earth is only a few thousand years old, or that Adam & Eve (or I guess Noah and his kids) somehow begat billions of people by themselves.
>Even in their own works of the OT, the house of Israel lost their way and are now the cursed race
No arguments there, bro.
>Christians don't use such terms as Shekinah and Ein Sof.
We do, though. The latter is really only used by Christian Qabbalists, but the former is typical in reference to the Holy Spirit.
>The sources explain the significance of Baal. Same temple
It was an earlier temple to Baal Haddad and Ashtart, and later the Roman one to Jupiter.
>Hey, I work with some male nurses
Bully for you, to work in a place where they're able to do that. Not everyone is able to express views which others might find distasteful without reprisal.
>You're not actually "anti-semitic" are you?

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