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>but that's not an example of it. And it's not really polytheistic any more.
That's from their Kabbalah. It's what orthodox jews practice.
>The statue reminds me of Taub from House in nose.
This is Taub. Peter Jacobson. His family line are Russian and Ukrainian kikes. His nose hooks and the bridge isn't as prominent. Here, I'll overlay a fishing hook so you can actually see the point of the nose-tip.
>Doesn't mean every single bit had the same significance.
Painstaking depiction=obvious significance.
>Not sure how that affects the historicity of Solomon
Because if you're a Christian, you must take the bible seriously. That's just the way it is. I lost count of how many Christians shun their own text, as I was raised in a private school, made to memorize verses or fail classes, and attended student-church every weekday in the mornings.
>It is if you look at the early heebs, vs those after the codification of the Torah, vs those after the Pharisees, and those now
Even in their own works of the OT, the house of Israel lost their way and are now the cursed race. They gave themselves away to idolatry. And now since the 12th century Kabbalah they worship multiple "aspects" as individual entities.
>Generally it's just used by Christians and Jews (and Moslems?) to represent the Holy Ghost
No, Christians don't use such terms as Shekinah and Ein Sof.
>Different temple, bro.
The sources explain the significance of Baal. Same temple.
>Nah, not particularly. But he could hardly express anything against the party line
Hey, I work with some male nurses who brag about how many dicks they've had up their ass and walk around swishing their hips, speaking in the most hilarious lisps. But they're not gay. /logic

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