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I mean, yea, but that's not an example of it. And it's not really polytheistic any more.
>No, there's jewish last names that point out clearly who their descendants are.
For some, yea. But it's passed maternally, which is a problem. Not to mention that they pilfered a lot of regular Germanic names, too. Makes it tough.
> but hook nose isn't?
They both can be. I didn't say otherwise.
The statue reminds me of Taub from House in nose.
>Than elaborately carved and painstaking designs in a temple
Yea. There would be more examples. Everywhere like that had various ornamentation, and all of it was just as painstaking. Doesn't mean every single bit had the same significance. Bet you'll find a lot more menorah carvings from that period.
I'm quite aware of the ritual content. But it's just a framing device which was added in the 18th century because it was a logical setting. There's no intrinsic link or devotion to it, which is why the Germans were able to so easily replace it.
> Were you not speaking for Christian values in the old freemason thread?
I were, yes. Not sure how that affects the historicity of Solomon (which, for the record, I believe he probably did exist, even if his fabled mines didn't. But there has been quite a few compelling arguments made about why he might not)
>No it's not.
It is if you look at the early heebs, vs those after the codification of the Torah, vs those after the Pharisees, and those now, among their numerous disparate sects.
>female goddess archetype of "god's presence in the world

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