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>Yet he still has it.
Because he was bailed out. Your previous claims about those who can't hold onto their wealth only label that orange shit as a worthless pile of garbage. As all Zionist ankle-grabbers are.
>The Trump episode of Dirty Money
Yeah, not watching that. The sight of him has caused uncontrollable cringing ever since I saw him molest (and fist) the western wall.
>So was it in the same way or not? [An ox can't build your roads]
Not sure what you're asking here.
>The workers were the tool.
Workers use tools. Workers are not tools.
>Again, ox/screwdriver/etc need the hand to guide them.
Tools are tools. People are people. Excuse the refresher course straight from Kindergarten, but you seem to have trouble distinguishing the two.
>No, just don't prize it above all else.
I'm not saying that. I am saying to respect that which provides your house, roads, plumbing, water supply, vehicle, and all modern luxuries.
>It's like hippie abcedarians who think only what the Earth gives us is worthwhile.
As opposed to hippie veterans who think dropping acid is the highest form of consciousness? It's what the working class produces from the earth that gives actual value, in comparison to hypothetical attached value.
>Life doesn't care if it's being too hard on you.
Yet people do. You frequently piss on sympathy and bleeding hearts, but if everyone felt what everyone else was feeling, those in charge would trip over themselves to prevent war, crime, abuse and murder. Lack of sympathy is what has caused corruption throughout history.

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