(759.60 KB 1024x768 Penguins.jpg)
Rzeczywistość 01/20/2017 (Fri) 13:22:46 [Preview] No. 9898 [Reply]
Czy codzienne picie kilku napojów energetyzujących czyni mnie narkomanem? Czy to tak zwana lekka narkomania?
1 post omitted.

Kocur RGB 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:07:35 [Preview] No. 9900 del
>napoje energetyzujące
o kurwa jak się staczasz ;-;

kup sobie modafinil jak już

Irek 01/20/2017 (Fri) 19:05:22 [Preview] No. 9911 del
napoje energetyczne to straszne gówno, rozkurwisz sobie serce pijąc kilka dziennie
ps to prawda

Czwarty 01/20/2017 (Fri) 19:58:22 [Preview] No. 9912 del
skutki uboczne modafinilu nie są jeszcze dobrze poznane, a kofeiny tak
napoje energetyzujące to trochę kofeiny i niezbyt zdrowych dodatków, w sumie to lepiej kup sobie kofeinę na KFD

Czwarty 01/20/2017 (Fri) 19:59:50 [Preview] No. 9913 del
aha jeśli chodzi o dodatki to generalnie masz tam swój generyczny słodzony napój z marketu xD cukry, barwniki itp czasem jest tego więcej czasem mniej. największą ich wadą jest to że smakują jak gówno xD

Rzeczywistość 01/20/2017 (Fri) 20:15:11 [Preview] No. 9914 del
mi tam podoba się ten smak rozpuszczalnika :)

ボイスロイド等スレ とちゃき 12/31/2016 (Sat) 14:18:42 [Preview] No. 26628 [Reply]
206 posts and 62 images omitted.

とちゃき 01/19/2017 (Thu) 17:17:07 [Preview] No. 28248 del

とちゃき 01/19/2017 (Thu) 19:45:40 [Preview] No. 28258 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 16:43:34 [Preview] No. 28324 del
(17.23 KB 662x529 mono.png)
(16.74 KB 662x529 color.png)

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 17:29:12 [Preview] No. 28328 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 20:10:47 [Preview] No. 28336 del
ロンギョグリダギザ クウガ ン

Muslims and Panda getting his shit stomped again Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 19:32:13 Id: 0dab2c [Preview] No. 15694 [Reply]

>Gets called out on GG SJW infiltrators
>Makes fun of the accusations
>His donation scams get brought up
>Damage control out the ass

Holy shit, his timeline is a mess of running away from the truth. He's done more damage to himself in a single string of tweets than Kotaku did to itself in three fucking years.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 20:07:04 Id: 1e3421 [Preview] No. 15696 del
Archive you stupid faggot http://archive.is/ZtzoI

salt has to be preserved for future bantz

(128.30 KB 450x365 1458093707274-1.png)
(142.73 KB 350x448 1457754691474.jpg)
(1.60 MB 1600x1200 1457572268825-0.png)
(233.09 KB 450x656 1458093865423.jpg)
Trump meme Thread Anonymous 04/24/2016 (Sun) 20:29:44 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 909 [Reply]
Post the Emperor Trump memes here fam
160 posts and 158 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/18/2017 (Wed) 02:10:45 Id: bc13cd [Preview] No. 15459 del
(113.87 KB 1024x683 torille.jpg)
SUOMI !!!!

daitouryouのスレッド八枚 daitouryou Board owner 12/26/2016 (Mon) 17:37:41 [Preview] No. 26174 [Reply]
270 posts and 104 images omitted.

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:35:01 [Preview] No. 28309 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:35:43 [Preview] No. 28310 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:55:08 [Preview] No. 28319 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 19:51:01 [Preview] No. 28334 del
Rolled 34, 33, 34 = 101 (3d99)


とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 19:59:05 [Preview] No. 28335 del

Anônimo 12/24/2015 (Thu) 12:47:31 [Preview] No. 23 [Reply]
Testando as tags
fornique sim.
435 posts and 12 images omitted.

Anônimo 01/19/2017 (Thu) 18:25:33 [Preview] No. 760 del

Anônimo 01/19/2017 (Thu) 18:26:26 [Preview] No. 761 del

Anônimo 01/19/2017 (Thu) 18:26:43 [Preview] No. 762 del
anão é viado

Anônimo 01/19/2017 (Thu) 18:28:33 [Preview] No. 763 del

Anônimo 01/20/2017 (Fri) 19:32:04 [Preview] No. 764 del

とちゃき 12/26/2016 (Mon) 15:23:43 [Preview] No. 26160 [Reply]
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とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 17:58:57 [Preview] No. 28329 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 18:06:46 [Preview] No. 28330 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 18:16:57 [Preview] No. 28331 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 18:21:40 [Preview] No. 28332 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 19:04:01 [Preview] No. 28333 del

(20.35 KB 579x255 asdf.PNG)
Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 18:32:52 [Preview] No. 10975 [Reply]
good luck nano

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 18:41:03 [Preview] No. 10976 del
>oyycuck is now admin

ree tbh

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 18:41:30 [Preview] No. 10977 del
What country does he live in anyway

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 05:20:04 Id: 601ff4 [Preview] No. 30426 [Reply]
We know that there's cringe antifascism, so therefore there must be cringe neo-nazism.

Post cringe nazi shit ITT
2 posts omitted.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 07:26:44 [Preview] No. 30430 del
Sure thing.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 12:02:17 Id: 4a0bd3 [Preview] No. 30443 del
Himmler was a fool.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 12:05:59 Id: 355bb2 [Preview] No. 30444 del
>cringe neo-nazism
it's all cringe.

sage sage 01/20/2017 (Fri) 12:36:58 [Preview] No. 30446 del
>Post cringe nazi shit ITT
imkampfy pls go

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 18:28:45 Id: f10749 [Preview] No. 30535 del
I dont cringe or laugh at these people because I honestly want them best for them. Even if they are dorks.

Joshua Conner Moon's Beloved Dynastia Restrained Anonymous 07/22/2016 (Fri) 00:11:13 [Preview] No. 194 [Reply]
Josh is being salty because New York Magazine did a hit piece on Kiwi Farms http://nymag.com/selectall/2016/07/kiwi-farms-the-webs-biggest-community-of-stalkers.html, written by an ex-Kiwi chick Margaret Pless

No its not bondage porn. Josh's nemsis, Law-sperg Vordrak actually carried out his legal threats and got a real world restraining order against Dynastia under some sort of British UK Court procedure for suing John Does.


The case got put up on the United Kingdom precedent site. Nool and co say it is just a bit of paper with a court stamp on but I checked the cases linked from it and it looks like he gets to have anyone repeating Dynastia's crap delisted from Google. He actually uploaded the restraining order.


As a bonus, with an imaginary Defendant, no appeals!

Vordy is offering a bounty on Dynastia and is announcing his intent to have D involuntarily committed to a mental institution for pedophiles for the rest of his life.

Josh is running around helping Dynastia repeat his crap, but I have a funny feeling he is giving old Vordy exactly what he needs.

For the love of all that is epic someone post this on 8chan /cow/
3 posts and 1 image omitted.

Anonymous 08/12/2016 (Fri) 17:22:24 [Preview] No. 232 del
Samuel, Margaret and Josh are already doxed. Nobody gaf and it's not /baph/ worthy.

Anonymous 08/16/2016 (Tue) 20:30:31 [Preview] No. 244 del

Samuel Collingwood Smith

11, By The Mount
Welwyn Garden City
United Kingdom


(01707) 322232

About Joshua Moon Anonymous 01/09/2017 (Mon) 03:23:23 [Preview] No. 590 del

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 18:03:42 [Preview] No. 608 del
Nigga plz, this is getting sad. Nobody gaf about your internet dick swinging war.

The email you sent to Josh Moon was posted:

"Delivered-To: ichverbot@gmail.com
Received: by with SMTP id 73csp576184wmx;
Thu, 19 Jan 2017 18:24:14 -0800 (PST)
X-Received: by with SMTP id q22mr11447494wrc.27.1484879053109;
Thu, 19 Jan 2017 18:24:13 -0800 (PST)
Authentication-Results: mx.google.com;
spf=pass (google.com: domain of mixmaster@remailer.paranoici.org designates as permitted sender) smtp.mailfrom=mixmaster@remailer.paranoici.org
Received-SPF: pass (google.com: domain of mixmaster@remailer.paranoici.org designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;
Received: by with POP3 id d140mf6105141wmd.0;
Thu, 19 Jan 2017 18:24:13 -0800 (PST)
X-Gmail-Fetch-Info: null@kiwifarms.net 5 mx.lolcow.email 995 null@kiwifarms.net

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 18:19:05 [Preview] No. 609 del
Fuck off, Vordrak http://archive.is/XU6cs

(43.92 KB 600x893 7bc.jpg)
/8meta/ 3nd thread Anonymous 01/14/2017 (Sat) 06:22:02 Id: 70e784 [Preview] No. 29475 [Reply]
Discuss here all things 8chan related.
Talk about bans, mod abuse, and drama from other chans here. Threads about chan drama outside of this will be locked.

Old thread:

Picture of foreskin
Edited last time by aemiliusbatavi on 01/14/2017 (Sat) 09:24:47.
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Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 16:49:19 Id: f071b9 [Preview] No. 30528 del

Hello, Mike Peinovich.

TRS donations down lately?

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 16:50:30 Id: f071b9 [Preview] No. 30529 del

FoKy is a TRS faggot.


Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 17:14:44 Id: 9a9ff2 [Preview] No. 30532 del
That is not Foky
That post is a impersonater
Leave Foky A L O N E
The Real Foky hates TRSodomites.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 17:23:21 Id: 6f0c27 [Preview] No. 30533 del
>more spergposting
Nice. You seem flustered dude. Mike's wife is a kike, but Mike is just a pussy. The only reason she married outside of the tribe is because she is an ugly jewess and Mike is an unattractive goy with a high enough verbal IQ to entertain her Jew brain.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 18:14:59 Id: c37295 [Preview] No. 30534 del
Those percentages don't add up to 100%

(31.89 KB 480x640 4mBblF5.jpg)
Army please Anonymous 01/16/2017 (Mon) 11:33:20 [Preview] No. 598 [Reply]
This feminazi bitch doxxed some kid for saying mean words on youtube and is even being congratulated on reddit. Her username is /u/spaghetti216
Can we return the favour?

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 17:41:42 [Preview] No. 607 del
Got anything showing it? Links? I'm too lazy to do all your digging.

(59.84 KB 1280x738 cure1.jpg)
(62.90 KB 1280x738 cure2.jpg)
(48.90 KB 1280x738 cure3.jpg)
(71.75 KB 1280x738 cured.jpg)
Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 17:36:25 [Preview] No. 17466 [Reply]
It's time to be cured.

(65.88 KB 739x648 hanguru.jpg)
とちゃき 01/17/2017 (Tue) 02:04:36 [Preview] No. 27921 [Reply]
19 posts and 9 images omitted.

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 00:38:42 [Preview] No. 28261 del
(935.25 KB 1052x1600 1403625213738.jpg)
英語にするとThe Judgeか

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 01:55:23 [Preview] No. 28262 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 09:03:58 [Preview] No. 28268 del
(18.35 KB 250x192 1435603981423.jpg)

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 17:04:37 [Preview] No. 28325 del
(77.06 KB 451x498 1442158340009.jpg)

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 17:14:00 [Preview] No. 28326 del

Brodowski 01/20/2017 (Fri) 02:13:35 [Preview] No. 9891 [Reply]
>ten smieszny obrazek ma 40k szerów w ciagu 2 dni
>pingwinek nie wyjasnia co to jest nietolerancja tylko co robić gdy jest się uczulonym na laktoze
gnije z robienia analogi do jedzenia, hehe jak mam nietolerancje na laktoze to eliminuje laktoze z diety :--D

Czwarty 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:43:29 [Preview] No. 9903 del
(8.50 KB 473x500 żaba48.png)
>ten spam tematami o pedalstwie
brodowski dostaje kosza od swojego chłopaka i nawraca się na heteroseksizm [ZOBACZ]

Brodowski 01/20/2017 (Fri) 16:52:15 [Preview] No. 9909 del
(18.10 KB 225x225 żaba2.jpg)
>zadnej prawdziwej informacji w poscie czwartego
lewaki beda ostro prowokować

Czwarty 01/20/2017 (Fri) 17:00:34 [Preview] No. 9910 del
(108.88 KB 396x385 kibol.png)
czyli nie nawróciłeś się? ty kurwo pedale nawet nie wiesz jak cie błaznie latasz z dupą wciąż przy ścianie zamiast żyć ruro normalnie

(62.60 KB 1366x698 down.png)
Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 13:52:48 Id: d9e81c [Preview] No. 30449 [Reply]

59 posts and 10 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 14:43:09 [Preview] No. 30513 del
(94.36 KB bach)

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 14:54:52 Id: 1a9ce6 [Preview] No. 30514 del
but for how long

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:38:19 Id: 8c4ae2 [Preview] No. 30524 del
remove this shit thread
fuck off back to 8cuck trumpcuck niggers

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 16:52:20 Id: bb4222 [Preview] No. 30530 del

Back to jim/pol/, Trumpkike.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 16:58:07 Id: dc76d7 [Preview] No. 30531 del
who is jim?

(67.98 KB 1280x738 TASTEFUL.jpg)
Anonymous 01/13/2017 (Fri) 18:55:07 [Preview] No. 17288 [Reply]
Any scum here ready for TASTEFUL sexuality? My scummy wish is to have tons of TASTEFUL sex.
26 posts and 11 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/13/2017 (Fri) 22:58:19 [Preview] No. 17320 del
(1.96 MB 400x225 autism.gif)

Anonymous 01/13/2017 (Fri) 23:32:17 [Preview] No. 17321 del
(66.28 KB 408x480 1447226645134.jpg)
I will if someone else will refrain from posting sexually suggestive acronyms.

Anonymous 01/14/2017 (Sat) 00:03:44 [Preview] No. 17323 del
(797.33 KB 812x806 i'm a faggot.png)
(109.46 KB 746x720 i'm a huge faggot.jpg)

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 16:37:24 [Preview] No. 17465 del
(37.24 KB 1280x738 TASTEFUL_YURI.jpg)
Holy shit this show just gets more and more TASTEFUL.

(39.19 KB 469x459 Kot chce hamborgir.jpg)
Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:26:05 [Preview] No. 9902 [Reply]
rurkując kurachen wysłałem w ciagu godziny chyba z 10 raportów na oczywiste podwieki i dostałem bana za spamowanie rapaortami xD

Czwarty 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:52:46 [Preview] No. 9905 del
(7.49 KB 281x231 żaba89.jpg)

Czwarty 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:55:32 [Preview] No. 9907 del
nie no serio nie mogę zrozumieć jak można spędzać czas na tak bezproduktywnym i szkodliwym gównie nie będąc podwiekiem
już lepiej grać w gierki walić konia i tęsknić za natalką

Starcrazy 01/20/2017 (Fri) 16:04:04 [Preview] No. 9908 del
>ból dupy o podwieków
po tym poznasz dziada...

(285.64 KB 346x423 JohnFlynt.png)
Brianna Wu/John Flynt's campaign video is out! Anonymous 01/18/2017 (Wed) 15:34:30 Id: 6ff9e8 [Preview] No. 15480 [Reply]

This is really happening!
26 posts and 11 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 14:18:22 [Preview] No. 15676 del
>posts a jmk typical image
>claims he's not jmk
>sees ralph everywhere
>unironically believes everyone who disagrees with him is a paid ralph/ququ/wulf/thidran/ddm (whatever flavor of the week baddie) shill

Yep, spotted the john.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:49:28 Id: badd95 [Preview] No. 15690 del
I don't like JMK at all, but he's right here. Wu/Sarkeesian/Quinn and friends would have no power if they were ignored instead of given endless negative attention.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:52:41 Id: badd95 [Preview] No. 15691 del
you'd think of all people, GG and /pol/ would know that given Trump operated the exact same way

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:56:22 Id: 6ff9e8 [Preview] No. 15692 del
We've repeatedly tried ignoring the Professional Victims - they'll either fake threats, or crazy shit will happen like Anita and Zoe speaking at the UN.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:56:58 Id: badd95 [Preview] No. 15693 del
Go after their bosses - think tanks, Gamification/edtech connections, etc.

(195.79 KB 751x482 gyrop11.jpg)
Steeorrytime Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 14:28:28 [Preview] No. 17450 [Reply]
5 posts and 5 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 14:33:55 [Preview] No. 17456 del
(278.94 KB 753x620 gyrop13.jpg)
this is the correct comedic timing between the pages

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 14:59:14 [Preview] No. 17457 del
(367.88 KB 732x845 gyrop22.jpg)
(289.99 KB 720x663 gyrop23.jpg)
(247.14 KB 720x622 gyrop24.jpg)

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:10:48 [Preview] No. 17459 del
(247.14 KB 720x622 gyrop24.jpg)

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:11:28 [Preview] No. 17460 del
(212.15 KB 719x512 gyrop25.jpg)
(289.27 KB 718x640 gyrop26.jpg)

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:53:52 [Preview] No. 17464 del

(98.83 KB 1501x1600 P1340895.JPG)
Czwarty 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:53:24 [Preview] No. 9906 [Reply]

(73.99 KB 640x383 9589923.jpg)
Brodowski 01/18/2017 (Wed) 21:37:24 [Preview] No. 9845 [Reply]
Chyba nie jest ze mna tak zle...
4 posts omitted.

Rzeczywistość 01/19/2017 (Thu) 04:58:08 [Preview] No. 9858 del
czy to chin chan?
filip wygląda jak dj adamus

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 08:52:13 [Preview] No. 9861 del
kto to jest?

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 00:35:28 [Preview] No. 9890 del
wyglada jak wojtek kosuń z ajks i ta jego gotycka kurwa

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 08:40:11 [Preview] No. 9894 del
chyba bardzo lubi pandy, skoro ma je na uszach i na oczach

Czwarty 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:45:07 [Preview] No. 9904 del
(52.66 KB 500x300 wojtuś.jpg)
o kurwa to naprawdę on xDDDDDDD jak rykłem z transformacji

(6.54 MB 1296x5555 anichart_net_winter.png)
WINTER 2017 BABY CARTOONS THREAD Anonymous 12/17/2016 (Sat) 20:31:38 [Preview] No. 16323 [Reply]
Next season doesn't look very interesting at all, especially compared to this season, but AiMaiMi might save anime.
50 posts and 32 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/18/2017 (Wed) 17:04:38 [Preview] No. 17379 del
I don't believe you.

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 18:22:00 [Preview] No. 17422 del
Here's how to prepare yourself for partials in Japan.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 14:59:52 [Preview] No. 17458 del
so what are the hot new toons this year amigos?

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:39:32 [Preview] No. 17461 del
I'm scared if I tell you you'll just ignore me and then at the end of the season claim you discovered the show without my help and demand a refund.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:44:38 [Preview] No. 17463 del

Anonymous 01/18/2017 (Wed) 21:03:21 [Preview] No. 17387 [Reply]
Any news about madoka? I really miss fapping so hard to mami
34 posts and 23 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 22:11:01 [Preview] No. 17445 del
That would be >>17442

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 23:13:48 [Preview] No. 17446 del
im undefined

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 23:42:16 [Preview] No. 17447 del
Are you a ghost? A skeleton? Maybe some other kind of undead creature?

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 06:44:38 [Preview] No. 17449 del
(999.49 KB 250x251 inquisitive bird.gif)
Silly /AM/igo, if he were any of these recognizable things he wouldn't be undefined now would he.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:40:46 [Preview] No. 17462 del
im undefined

*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:* みんな大好き調味料スレッド *:;;:*:;;:*:;;:*:;;:* とちゃき 11/29/2016 (Tue) 20:52:34 [Preview] No. 22062 [Reply]
31 posts and 7 images omitted.

とちゃき 01/05/2017 (Thu) 10:13:33 [Preview] No. 27021 del

とちゃき 01/15/2017 (Sun) 01:06:36 [Preview] No. 27758 del

とちゃき 01/17/2017 (Tue) 11:35:11 [Preview] No. 27934 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:10:02 [Preview] No. 28305 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:40:07 [Preview] No. 28312 del

(152.84 KB 360x480 bf171f012497.jpg)
Deutsch/pol/ Nr.1 - Tor auf fullchan ist wieder RIP Edition Anonymous 08/17/2016 (Wed) 21:39:25 [Preview] No. 18315 [Reply]
Tor auf fullchan ist wieder RIP Edition

Das nervt langsam. Die scheren sich einen Dreck um Anonymität. Wo sollen wir hin? Was sollen wir tun? 8chan wird zum Trump-Wahlkampfboard.
160 posts and 45 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 05:38:12 Id: 1bc12e [Preview] No. 30329 del
bist du geistig zurückgebleiben?

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 19:34:28 Id: 2691b2 [Preview] No. 30356 del
Das ist doch eine überflüssige Frage die du ihm da stellst.

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 20:54:24 Id: dadf65 [Preview] No. 30367 del
Hat eigentlich jemand Bilder von (((fakenews)))-Berichten von deutschen Medien?
Ich habe so etwas schon für den angloamerikanischen Raum gesehen, aber noch nicht für den deutschsprachigen. Danke!

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 22:39:38 Id: 26a7be [Preview] No. 30377 del
(55.18 KB 358x469 1479281469160.jpg)
Selbstgespräche sind ein Zeichen geistiger Zurückgebliebenheit.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:31:34 Id: 774177 [Preview] No. 30522 del

>Ich habe so etwas schon für den angloamerikanischen Raum gesehen, aber noch nicht für den deutschsprachigen.

Hättest du mal auf Krautchan gelauert, du versagender Normiekrebs.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 05:45:47 Id: 5ed3ac [Preview] No. 15647 [Reply]
Educational technology is the ending stage of the march to cybernetic totalitarianism.

Prove me wrong.
>Protip: You can't. :^)
5 posts and 1 image omitted.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 14:33:49 Id: 9616fe [Preview] No. 15681 del
They have us worrying about shitskins and immigration when that isn't even the biggest problem (it is a problem but not as long term as tech) . Enter Trump and suddenly the anti-estanlishment people support military and police and corporations again. Guess who's replacing us

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:00:50 [Preview] No. 15685 del
I sort of disagree, we've been through a lot in our lives and I think we can distinguish between a person who is in genuine physical or emotional pain and an actor.
The different is that we just don't care most of the time.
We also don't announce it and parade words around.

If I see a nigger getting curb-stomped, I don't give a damn, but I can tell that he's in great paid and I can understand the pain and humiliation and rejection that he's going through.
A normalfag doesn't understand anything other than "I'm supposed to feel bad for him, so I'll tell EVERYONE how bad I feel for him and present myself as a caring altruist" when in reality the normalfag can't understand what it's like to be bullied, rejected by everyone around you, humiliated, shamed, physically hit - especially not all at the same time.
>inb4 inb4, I'm not saying we've all been through that or any of it but we can understand it, society itself subjects us to the same mental things every day.

>chans are controlled opposition
Not this shit again...
I know, chans are containment chambers to "drug" us (like video games) so that we don't take real world action.

That's a whole, separate discussion, but yes, Trump will destroy the internet, hell he said as much when he called everyone who is against internet censorship "stupid, very, very stupid".

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:07:23 Id: 4c59f9 [Preview] No. 15686 del
"ISIS" isn't even real. Trump worship convinced /pol/ that they're not a US/Mossad golem.

And to top things off, Trump's secretary of education is married to the guy who runs Blackwater which was directly involved in US creation of "ISIS"
(though to be fair, Clinton would have done the same but at least there would be more resistance from /pol/ types)

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:11:50 Id: 4c59f9 [Preview] No. 15687 del
>Trump will destroy the internet

Net Neutrality seems like it will be gone. But really, NN is a damned if you do damned if you don't scenario. You either have corporations controlling it or leftist government regulating it, neither option will stop the same agenda when both of these are essentially the same.

Many proponents of Net Neutrality are also huge leftists who are OK with censorship if it means fighting "bigotry", while on the flipside the republicans who want to do away with net neutrality are usually lobbying for big telecoms. You're jewed either way.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:24:21 [Preview] No. 15689 del
I know, but Trump rails against it obsessively, all the time.

In theory, there should be a third option, where a freedom lover would host servers and websites without tracking and censoring people, but that will never happen, you're right, we're fucked either way.

Kocur RGB 01/20/2017 (Fri) 12:26:45 [Preview] No. 9896 [Reply]
Miałem ziemistą wizję...

https://youtube.com/watch?v=9SV4vCQGJko [Embed]

Rzeczywistość 01/20/2017 (Fri) 13:20:48 [Preview] No. 9897 del
wyłączyłem po mniej niż sekundzie

Kocur RGB 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:08:05 [Preview] No. 9901 del
Dlaczego? W pierwszej sekundzie jeszcze żaden dźwięk nie rozbrzmiewa xD

s6424n4xbsmqs27.onion Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 19:01:48 [Preview] No. 5604 [Reply]
s6424n4xbsmqs27.onion is broken - completely

also, is it the better tor link or should I use the endchan5dox one?

I dont know if this deserves a new thread but I think a heads up is important. feel free to delete it if you want the catalog empty

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 19:09:49 [Preview] No. 5606 del
also the spoiler feature doesnt work

at least when I click the small box next to the image itself (happened twice, first time was about 2 weeks ago but I forgot /operate/ exists ignored it, and again today)

I think the clicking "spoiler all images" beneath the post works but spoilering individual images (even if it's all of them) as in clicking the spoiler box doesnt work at all

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 22:41:47 [Preview] No. 5607 del
I don't know who s6424n4xbsmqs27.onion is but we're s6424n4x4bsmqs27.onion

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 12:42:44 [Preview] No. 5611 del
Yeah, that.
I omitted a 4 because I manually wrote it all down since I couldnt access it and copy and paste it.
It started working a few hours after I made this thread, so it's all good.
Plus endchan.xyz always works with tor, so at least there was that.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:04:50 [Preview] No. 5612 del
I don't think if you use .xyz that it uses tor at all, so be cautious

(1.90 MB 3250x3710 pedophilia ring.jpg)
(533.21 KB 803x1612 pedofile ring.png)
Pizzagate Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 23:00:22 [Preview] No. 15626 [Reply]
Let's talk pizzagate - seriously.

What is pizzagate?
It's the uncovering of a massive paedophilia and child prostitution ring in Washington D.C.
It refers, specifically, to Comet Ping Pong, James Alefantis and John Podesta.
tl;dr they fuck kids in DC

Why do they do that?
Well one theory (unproven, this is unrelated to pizzagate) is that the jews at the top (at the highest levels) use blackmail in order to control their shabbos goyim and keep them in line.
Jeffrey Epstein has a little black book where he kept records of all visitors and others (in court cases, testimonies by the people who sued him) that he would also video record visitors while they were receiving "massages" from young girls (<18).
Remember David Cameron fucking a pig? It's stuff like that that is used to blackmail them and leaked if they step out of line.
Back to pizzagate - the theory is that people at the top are pretty much forced to fuck kids (and be filmed doing it) so that they will forever be obedient to their jew overlords.
Of course, many of those people genuinely enjoy it.

What is the evidence?
A picture of a girl with her hands taped to the table with comments "new seating procedure for our youngest guests?", a picture of a huge freezing storage room with comments "#killroom" "#murder", a picture of a baby sucking on money, a picture of money with rape pills with comment "ready for london" and "ping pong in london", weird email exchanges about cheese pizza and handkerchiefs and maps, known pedophilia logos used on besta pizza and comet ping pong (declassified from the FBI) - and others.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

19 posts and 18 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 14:23:48 [Preview] No. 15677 del
What is this the pedo coyote ugly or something?

This guy pretended to be a bystander when the redditors came with signs and asked Alefantis about the photos. He said he did not have social media. The cameraman told him to look up #pizzagate to learn more. The implication is he was just a curious guy seeing what all the fuss was about. Here he is on the very instagram that they made the protest signs from. This means they not only where probably going to poison the protesters. But they where fucking gang stalking them too.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 14:28:45 Id: 4f313a [Preview] No. 15679 del
The concept of hunting down people is popularized by a classic book called "The Most Dangerous Game" which if you've remember reading that in a public school setting, congrats. https://youtube.com/watch?v=_DXLTw22HOQ [Embed] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_hunting

Jack the Ripper was a mason. I've read here and there about supposed victims of human trafficking noting that these super elites do occasionally hunt down children as a sport.

An even older story, the Beast (werewolf) of Gevaudan is theorized to be partially by Jean Chastel and his dog in taking off the clothes of the victims before having the dog maul them to death, which then he murdered his own dog after he was hired to search for the beast and claimed it to be the beast itself somehow, although this theory has some plotholes, it was good enough to go on the "Mysteries at the Museum" show's 133rd episode.

t. totallynotmasonniggernorGLPguy

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 14:57:01 Id: e07a2d [Preview] No. 15683 del
What do you guys thing about the so-called "human trafficking prevention act" ,which includes trying to make computer sellers charge users an opt-in fee for all obscene content among other things (humantraffickingpreventionact.org)

On the surface it seems to be "anti-degenerate" and "for the children" but really, it feels like a way to trick morally-minded people to accept censorship via an unidentified "committee" (which could include a lot more than just porn).


Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 14:58:37 Id: e07a2d [Preview] No. 15684 del

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 15:12:40 [Preview] No. 15688 del
>4.4 gb mega link
I won't be downloading that.

(653.86 KB 3264x2448 hgh905.jpg)
OPERATION KILLCEN 2017 BEGINS 01-02-2017 KILLCEN 12/29/2016 (Thu) 00:52:31 [Preview] No. 1311 [Reply]

KILLCEN Archive 2013 - 2015 (Over 5,000,000 Reports) »



Operation KILLCEN 2016 (Over 1,200,000 reports) »




17 posts omitted.

KILLCEN ; gatewaypundit.OCT2016.7z KILLCEN 01/18/2017 (Wed) 14:42:23 [Preview] No. 1483 del

KILLCEN ; yournewswire.OCT2016.7z KILLCEN 01/19/2017 (Thu) 15:56:56 [Preview] No. 1484 del

JMK BTFO Anonymous 01/16/2017 (Mon) 22:07:49 [Preview] No. 15268 [Reply]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=fBgBePgFljY [Embed]&feature=youtu.be&t=1789

72 posts and 16 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 02:31:10 [Preview] No. 15639 del
Salon must be salivating over John Michael Kelly's tumblr posts on tweedium.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 02:34:00 [Preview] No. 15641 del
With regard to thread locking, I'm quite upset the thread on Julio didn't get to 500 posts before it was given the old yeller treatment.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 03:54:07 Id: 29981b [Preview] No. 15645 del
(76.67 KB 600x457 Picard_Two_beers.jpg)
Who ever did this, have a beer on me.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 05:28:12 Id: ee2ad2 [Preview] No. 15646 del
Someone made a new johniloh thread though. I guess there's a limit to how many johniloh threads we can have.

The JMK Pill Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 14:47:23 [Preview] No. 15682 del
(144.80 KB 900x600 jmk pill.png)
Have you taken the JMK pill yet, mateys?

(982.07 KB 500x281 IMG_3005.GIF)
Anonymous 12/06/2016 (Tue) 04:39:53 [Preview] No. 10418 [Reply]
is anyone even here?
24 posts and 10 images omitted.

Anonymous 12/10/2016 (Sat) 16:55:09 [Preview] No. 10503 del
Anonimoose Lejun has arrived. henjoy.
what is the fastest uncucked board on there? /v/ seems okay apart from the weebs.
(besides that)

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 11:18:20 [Preview] No. 10967 del

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 14:12:02 [Preview] No. 10974 del
we all here

(11.25 KB 320x330 ED_Comic_sans.gif)
Anonymous 01/15/2017 (Sun) 07:16:28 [Preview] No. 29694 [Reply]
Encyclopedia Dramatica

What happened to ED? It used to be funnier, if raunchier and more immature, but now it reads like a neoconservative/alt-right hack site. Is ED in any way connected to Intelligence agencies and corporations? I know they have Google cookies laced in their site, just discovered that today.
4 posts omitted.

Anonymous 01/15/2017 (Sun) 16:44:42 Id: efdb00 [Preview] No. 29744 del
ITT Newfaggots

ED has always been nihilist as fuck, ED has always made fun of everyone. ED prioritizes "lulz" aka butthurt, above all else, even political ideologies. It's why ED deified Weev when the heeb actually trolled people with the GNAA (Gay Niggerse Association of America) and the Patriotic Nigras. Look at the ancient as fuck articles on white people, Japan, and the one on Niggers.

ED has been, and will probably remain, edgy for a long time. Anything posted there has to be taken with a grain of salt and you must read the sources and logs they provide for the articles. If you don't you're most likely to get trolled by reading a very satirical or on purpose slanted version of the story.

Anonymous 01/15/2017 (Sun) 20:12:53 Id: 9d4081 [Preview] No. 29779 del
You've grown more mature while ED's content has stayed the same.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 08:15:06 Id: be2655 [Preview] No. 30433 del
dat'll do white piggu, dat'll do!

Is she having a seizure?

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 08:21:43 Id: d64e73 [Preview] No. 30434 del
The oh internet shift made the site unstable. I believe if there is any influence it is people on /pol/ on 4chan and 8chan adding alt-kike and psyop shit as history.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 13:51:04 Id: 63c977 [Preview] No. 30447 del
(162.68 KB 919x640 woodenmaskdio.jpg)
> it reads like a neoconservative/alt-right hack site

In five years it's turned from being written like by 12-year-olds to being written like by 17-year-olds, what could this mean?

(72.92 KB 1275x715 daTED4Qz5JA.jpg)
Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 13:43:56 [Preview] No. 10973 [Reply]

(36.88 KB 384x384 120070127.jpg)
とちゃき 11/29/2016 (Tue) 10:38:11 [Preview] No. 21828 [Reply]
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とちゃき 01/09/2017 (Mon) 15:00:01 [Preview] No. 27316 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=82iy03Mz_1I [Embed]

とちゃき 01/14/2017 (Sat) 16:00:21 [Preview] No. 27742 del
(4.11 MB 320x240 Eagle Stage.mp4)

とちゃき 01/19/2017 (Thu) 03:52:09 [Preview] No. 28099 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 13:43:14 [Preview] No. 28295 del

(10.42 KB 327x167 title.gif)
ユーザースタイル開発局 とちゃき 10/05/2016 (Wed) 19:10:32 [Preview] No. 256 [Reply]
209 posts and 38 images omitted.

とちゃき 01/03/2017 (Tue) 09:59:19 [Preview] No. 26918 del
(329.42 KB 706x1116 45.jpg)

とちゃき 01/05/2017 (Thu) 11:06:08 [Preview] No. 27027 del

とちゃき 01/17/2017 (Tue) 15:35:48 [Preview] No. 27951 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 13:34:45 [Preview] No. 28293 del
Endchan公式 >>>/operate/5598


とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 13:36:04 [Preview] No. 28294 del

Anonymous 05/28/2016 (Sat) 18:53:02 [Preview] No. 6519 [Reply]
webm thread?
384 posts and 668 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/16/2017 (Mon) 06:56:34 [Preview] No. 10962 del

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 05:36:09 [Preview] No. 10969 del

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 05:49:49 [Preview] No. 10970 del
(1.07 MB 720x1280 3.webm)
(1.32 MB 720x1280 5.webm)
(1.34 MB 720x1280 7.webm)
(1.70 MB 720x1280 9.webm)

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 13:03:13 [Preview] No. 10971 del
(745.61 KB 400x400 hold in a sneeze.mp4)
whats up with those Jim Norton videos, I thought he was very base or coarse.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 13:09:13 [Preview] No. 10972 del
I just listen to his stupid radio show and I noticed after he learned about 4chan and memes he started the viral video series. I think it is ironic.

(28.33 KB 527x504 illust1421.png)
とちゃき 12/08/2016 (Thu) 19:38:39 [Preview] No. 24359 [Reply]
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とちゃき 01/12/2017 (Thu) 12:28:47 [Preview] No. 27602 del
(93.51 KB 580x576 4e679381.jpg)
(22.85 KB 600x396 coffee_eggcoffee2.jpg)
(120.56 KB 500x375 food-2-ca-phe-trung.jpg)

とちゃき 01/17/2017 (Tue) 13:44:39 [Preview] No. 27943 del

とちゃき 01/19/2017 (Thu) 12:29:47 [Preview] No. 28190 del

とちゃき 01/19/2017 (Thu) 18:42:45 [Preview] No. 28255 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 12:46:31 [Preview] No. 28292 del

(401.03 KB 750x750 1476012705242.jpg)
とちゃき 11/29/2016 (Tue) 10:18:05 [Preview] No. 21824 [Reply]

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とちゃき 01/17/2017 (Tue) 21:45:23 [Preview] No. 27973 del
(134.70 KB 1600x743 CLICKPOCALYPSE 2_.png)


とちゃき 01/18/2017 (Wed) 04:38:26 [Preview] No. 27979 del

とちゃき 01/18/2017 (Wed) 13:58:34 [Preview] No. 28009 del

とちゃき 01/18/2017 (Wed) 22:19:23 [Preview] No. 28093 del


とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 12:34:19 [Preview] No. 28289 del
(684.05 KB 1000x1050 upgtr.png)

War In Space

alt-kike outted Anonymous 01/14/2017 (Sat) 22:32:50 Id: 01d996 [Preview] No. 15046 [Reply]
The alt-kike got Dox'd and they essentially turned out to all be in bed with Jews.
106 posts and 40 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 03:14:12 Id: c017b5 [Preview] No. 15643 del
>And thats what it all comes down to. The "movement" isnt "ruined" or some shit. People arent going ot suddenly go "wtf i hate natsoc and love jews now," but the gravy train the TRS leadership was on IS going to die, and thats why they're so butthurt, they think they ARE the "movement" so naturally they think them going down is the end of the world.
This is the centerpiece right here. Ignoring everything else, just look at the response from the e-celebs compared to the general people of white nationalism online.
They think they're better than you. They think you are irrelevant. Enoch outright said that he should get a pass on the JQ because he's so important. Morrakiu shits on /pol/ for "creating zero content" (which is blatantly false, we created far more than any of these namefags) and in today's MM, he outright says that everyone "WHO MATTERS" is siding with Enoch. In other words, their inner circlejerk. And their inner circlejerk are the only people who matter, and the rest of you are lower than dirt for not being part of the social clique.
They deserve everything that happens to them. TRS was a dead man walking as soon as Seventh Son decided to go back on the promise to have Enoch step down for the greater good. Right now they're like that guy in every zombie movie who gets bit but decides to pretend everything is okay.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 11:22:57 Id: 258736 [Preview] No. 15661 del
Alt-kike praises Peter Thiel

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 12:00:30 [Preview] No. 15664 del
What's wrong with morrakiu?
He seems all right. I like his songs.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 12:10:05 [Preview] No. 15666 del
We really need a huge peter thiel thread where we do some serious digging into him and discover as much as possible.
We could then create OC and spread it to other chans.

(156.80 KB 658x382 bye-bye-microshit.png)
Video gaming is dying Anonymous 01/17/2017 (Tue) 18:04:45 Id: 6011d2 [Preview] No. 15398 [Reply]
>Maths does not lie, no matter how you look at it. 2016 will still come in five million console sales short of 2015. We’ve reached the middle of this generation and fatigue is starting to set in earlier than expected.
>By fatigue, we mean that the ability to convert a potential audience into a card-carrying console audience has reached its critical point on the current consoles.
>We've seen the decline in each console generation. However, alarmingly that decline is starting much earlier than it did in the previous cycle. While the Wii began to dive from its lofty heights in only its second year, the PS3 and Xbox 360 didn’t start to plateau until their fourth and fifth years respectively, before beginning to decline in earnest in their fifth and sixth years respectively.
>The PS4 and Xbox One will start their anticipated year-on-year unit sales decline in only their third years – two years earlier than the seventh generation.
>While the final figures are not in, the PS4 had sold 11 million, the Xbox One 5 million and the Wii U 1.3 million through to November 2016. In December of 2015, 7.5 million units of the three consoles were sold into homes over Christmas, so even if it was to match last year’s figure – remembering the Wii U is unlikely to contribute anything of note – we’re left with around 24.5 million for the year.
>That’s a 17% drop year-on-year, which equates to 5 million fewer consoles sold. Significant.
>In the seventh generation, the Wii sold 101 million units, the PS3 87 million and the Xbox 360 86,000,000, a total of 274,000,000 console gamers across its 7 years. In this generation, we have the Wii U on 13 million, the Xbox One on 25 million and the PlayStation 4 on 50 million. We’re currently at 88 million consoles sold across 4 years, but we are already starting to see a slide in year-on-year sales, 2 years earlier than the 7th generation.


Come to think of it, have any of you played ANYTHING recently? They fucking dumbed down everything and slapped faggots/trannies into it.
7 posts and 5 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/17/2017 (Tue) 19:35:12 [Preview] No. 15426 del
>It's the publishers who are making this happen.
Unfortunately, yes. 3rd pic is a perfect example.
Jews at the top claim it's about muh profits and they then say "you gotta bastardize this game so we can sell it to MILLIONS" even though that's not how markets work.
They basically mistake a niche market made of loyal consumers with an unlimited market made up of an unlimited number of potential consumers.

It never works, obviously, but it's how they justify it. They then fire half the team and hire purple haired women and introduce mudslime women (e.g. new watch nogs) and/or trannies in games then jump ship to a different company.

Anonymous 01/17/2017 (Tue) 19:51:12 Id: 6011d2 [Preview] No. 15433 del
>I have a low attention span
>That fucking grin
I wish Bethesda would fucking die already.

>enemies had to seem nobel
>we were afraid to do anything even remotely controversial

>Halo drove money into consoles
>Cthulu was thrown to the console dogs
>It died
The rumors about Project Manhattan were true. Microsoft killed gaming by throwing all the normies at it.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 09:30:30 Id: cb9134 [Preview] No. 15654 del
actually what's really hilarious is as much as the fucking normies blather about mobile they don't understand that's where all the kids are going.
They fucked up with shit shows like Johnny Testicle. WHY?
Attention spans. Only Superiour PC Master Race neetlords can stomach 40 hour RPGs anymore.
But mobile shit, you play 4 minutes, you've advanced a lot!
It's the same as RIAA with music moving from one medium to the next, either they were caught with their pants down and assraped, or like with casettes and the internet, tried to kill them to prevent consumer ownership.

Also, unlike MMOs on PC and console, mobileshit MMOs are partially offset by benevolent datamin-eerrrr benefactors like Fapple and Jewgle.
They not only host the annoyingly large clients for them, but pay some of their fees too to stay up.

Basically, dyehair cucks and accountants laughed at us and made a big stink about mobileshit...


And, worse yet... There's a lot of free shit that's "pick-up-and-play" yet requires little time investment per session that's free totally utterly 100% free

And unlike Steamingpileofshit, no greenlight to crapflood

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 09:40:27 Id: cb9134 [Preview] No. 15655 del
bah, i shoulda read the thread first. Well, mine is basically the same thing but more detailed.
It's not even the dyehairs a lot of the time, they fucked up the intended audience first, and now they can't sell us games that are just as expensive because we know based on those pricepoints it's gonna be way too fucking long.
Also, for anyone fiending for actually long things, those are usually done by mid-tier studios at around $20 at anywhere from 80-200 hours.

also there is an "unlimited market" but they don't have any fucking clue how to tap into it. They can't into autists, so they wait for bullshit like minecrap or pokemon and make even worse copies of it. There are so many vidya-selling factors to look at, and they constantly manage to hit none of them

hah, try 1996-7 for the best/worst. Turok was utterly ridiculous at times.
And then you'd hit a scripted bridge break, fall back down, and wonder htf you got up there in the first place.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 11:41:34 [Preview] No. 15663 del
>it's gonna be way too fucking long
It's not even that, I LOVE long games, the problem is that they make them long and empty today.
Compare gothic 2 (100 hours for a full walkthrough, without skipping dialogue, exploring everything) or DA:O (over 100 hours without any DLC) with skyrim or fallouts or gothic 3.
It takes probably 200 hours to explore the entire map in each of them, but they're empty, meaningless games where you spam left click to win, take part in one-liner dialogues and follow quest markers on the map.

The problem isn't long games, the problem is empty, boring, needlessly drawn-out games.
Vid related - I suggest you watch most of it, it's really good.
(youtube link because endchan doesnt let me upload it even though it's 317 mb)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=jPqwDGXxLhU [Embed]

What project manhattan? You don't mean the nuclear project in WW2 right?

(146.12 KB 400x400 gaoru.jpg)
とちゃき 12/09/2016 (Fri) 12:05:29 [Preview] No. 24402 [Reply]

86 posts and 11 images omitted.

とちゃき 01/17/2017 (Tue) 19:29:40 [Preview] No. 27965 del

とちゃき 01/18/2017 (Wed) 11:32:47 [Preview] No. 27997 del

とちゃき 01/19/2017 (Thu) 08:34:01 [Preview] No. 28112 del

とちゃき 01/19/2017 (Thu) 11:08:13 [Preview] No. 28128 del

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 10:55:28 [Preview] No. 28273 del

(12.48 KB 225x225 images.jpg)
とちゃき 11/29/2016 (Tue) 06:21:46 [Preview] No. 21760 [Reply]
29 posts and 4 images omitted.

とちゃき 01/19/2017 (Thu) 05:05:01 [Preview] No. 28104 del

とちゃき 01/19/2017 (Thu) 12:42:45 [Preview] No. 28201 del

とちゃき 01/19/2017 (Thu) 13:51:19 [Preview] No. 28226 del
「不快なコンテンツ」と訳されてる「offensive content」はグロ/スカを指す時にも使う表現だから

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 09:57:45 [Preview] No. 28270 del
(577.51 KB 1920x1080 61018706_p0.jpg)

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 10:49:28 [Preview] No. 28272 del

(1.42 MB 1000x5000 Rabbit hole.jpg)
Random Questions about the deception Anonymous 12/20/2016 (Tue) 09:15:47 [Preview] No. 1 [Reply]
This board is for all tangential occult discourse.

This thread is an introduction and education into the world of darkness.
180 posts and 73 images omitted.

Anonymous 01/16/2017 (Mon) 08:12:04 Id: febc8a [Preview] No. 412 del
Easy workarounds are available. All in all it's a false sense of security. When you don't have IDs you expect sock puppets by default so it doesn't have the effect anymore.
IDs give you thread cred or take it away based on the way you perform, it causes others judge your posts by the prism of authority rather than the points themselves so even if you made some crappy arguments and you make some brilliant observation later it has less chance to be observed for what it is.

It's really not that different from any other form of identity, it carries most of downsides with it even if you don't get choose a nick or avatar and it's only for the thread.

I am whatever you want me to be, I can't prove otherwise anyway. Ask yourself first what would that change for the point that was made.

Anonymous 01/16/2017 (Mon) 09:05:42 Id: febc8a [Preview] No. 413 del
>triggered by your use of an obvious /intl/ pic
I was in the thread where it was first posted on 8/pol/. Most if not all text contained in it was taken directly from the thread. It was before the main event and up to the moment I saw it I wondered what was that retarded shit stirring about but then it hit me. Then chemo started, I helped with whatever little I could, there were signs of betterment but it came too late and it lasted too short. I pretty much left /pol/ afterwards.

Now that you'll look at my arguments against IDs thinking I'm all the evil that ever befell on /pol/ I was actually for the feature the first time around. I laughed my ass of when shills didn't yet catch on to it and unironically samefagged 10 posts straight. Nevertheless IDs were a mistake.

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 12:09:01 [Preview] No. 417 del
Oh wow, a non shit party that blackpilled people would shit on: https://youtube.com/watch?v=ehtiIWsM1Jc [Embed]

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 23:20:59 Id: daf2f3 [Preview] No. 418 del

I still think Heimbach might be a jew and theres some dirt on him, but TWP does seem much better than most altkike groups and regardless of leadership its members have actually done good volunteer projects in Appalachia.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 10:27:26 Id: d0a96e [Preview] No. 419 del
Some weirdo tried to contact me last week thursday, but didn't bother to tell me the password. I've failed to open it.

(1.08 MB 1000x1350 sujikyonyumiage.jpg)
スジ教 とちゃき 12/23/2016 (Fri) 08:25:18 [Preview] No. 25844 [Reply]
31 posts and 67 images omitted.

とちゃき 01/17/2017 (Tue) 18:30:35 [Preview] No. 27963 del
(432.52 KB 800x1260 1484579933690.jpg)
(313.07 KB 820x1075 1470680973978.jpg)
(1.90 MB 1920x2707 1461947842648.jpg)

とちゃき 01/18/2017 (Wed) 12:22:13 [Preview] No. 28001 del
(121.17 KB 724x1024 sujiagura.jpg)
(792.00 KB 1400x2000 sujimiage.png)
(176.93 KB 1136x837 sujitokitu.jpg)

とちゃき 01/19/2017 (Thu) 08:56:27 [Preview] No. 28115 del
(216.06 KB 640x895 sujiraki.png)
(237.65 KB 750x1000 sujiwaha-.jpg)
(612.02 KB 705x1000 sujitiakuma.jpg)

とちゃき 01/19/2017 (Thu) 18:39:48 [Preview] No. 28254 del
(1.32 MB 1200x1600 sujiniou.png)
(414.43 KB 684x1500 sujidougi.jpg)
(331.84 KB 1125x950 sujiyoko.jpg)

とちゃき 01/20/2017 (Fri) 10:16:28 [Preview] No. 28271 del
(261.11 KB 637x820 jeniysuji.png)
(233.50 KB 1200x1600 kyouzousuji0.jpg)

(102.97 KB 474x600 neil codling rysunek.jpg)
Rzeczywistość 01/19/2017 (Thu) 16:52:05 [Preview] No. 9865 [Reply]
Romantyzm i parcie na miłość wynika z desperacji, smutku i braku pewności siebie. Jak jesteś pewny siebie w sensie nie wątpisz w żadne swoje atrybuty i zamiast patrzeć wgłąb siebie wypatrując usterek, skupiasz się na tym co dzieje się dookoła, wchodzisz na zupełnie inny poziom człowieczeństwa i z góry patrzysz na tak zwanych romantyków.

Romantyzm to patologia i spierdolenie. Takie słowa mogą budzić sprzeciw bo w powszechnej świadomości kojarzy się nam on z twórczością Słowackiego i tego typu rzeczami. Jednak to tylko pozory bo gdybyście stanęli twarzą w twarz z wieszczem nie moglibyście wyjść ze zdziwienia, że tyle godzin lekcyjnych poświęcono takiej spierdolinie i debilowi.

Nie mam na myśli prawdziwej miłości, czyli uczucia pokrewnego przyjaźni, z którego wynika troska i chęć wzięcia odpowiedzialności za osobę, na której nam zależy, tylko wynikającą z wątpliwości na swój temat chęć przywłaszczenia sobie innych. Normalni niespierdoleni ludzie dają sobie wolność bo nie boją się, że nie sa warci tej drugiej osoby.

Dlatego też gniję z "nice guys", którzy chcą tylko szarej myszki !!!
Po prostu wiedzą, że żadna fajna nie będize ich chciała i zaniżają standardy.
Prawdziwa miłość jest możliwa tylko wtedy kiedy jesteś pewny siebie i nie jesteś spierdolinką, w innym wypadku to desperacja.

Już lepsze są karyny, które korzystają z życia.
Każdy tak naprawdę chce ruchać i mieć przyjazne relacje z innymi, a to jak do tego podchodzisz i czego w związku z tym chcesz to wynik cech twojej osobowości. Zabieranie sobie drugiej osoby to przejaw strachu i niepewności.
3 posts and 2 images omitted.

Rzeczywistość 01/19/2017 (Thu) 19:29:07 [Preview] No. 9874 del
>zimna rozwaga
to jest naturalny stan wiążący się z porzuceniem lęków
jego drugą stroną jest zwiększenie empatii i pozytywne nastawienie do innych

a co do miłości romantycznej na przestrzeni dziejów to były to tylko utwory literackie, a w prawdziwym zyciu ludzie się parowali bo nie było emerytur, a ktoś musiał ich utrzymywać na starość

poza tym ja nie neguję miłości, tylko wyśmiewam ten słynny romantyzm i szarą myszkę
coś takiego jest wynikiem spierdolenia

Rzeczywistość 01/19/2017 (Thu) 19:29:44 [Preview] No. 9875 del
no i na przestrzeni dziejów były tez historie o herosach i tak dalej xD to są ideały smyku

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 22:54:08 [Preview] No. 9887 del
(168.19 KB 1033x679 1464208056700.jpg)
Podbijam ten temat Realitiego bo w końcu nie gada od rzeczy

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 08:01:12 [Preview] No. 9893 del
To jest trupie zimno i nie wynika z porzucenia lęków ale porzucenia wszystkiego i wycofania z samego siebie. Empatia która pozostaje jest bezsilna i bezpłodna ale niestety chyba będziesz się musiał o tym przekonać na własnej skórze.

Papier wszystko przyjmie ale sam o siebie nie zadba i jeśli taki obraz przetrwał na całym świecie nieomal znaczy to, że odzwierciedlał przekonania ludzkości.

Szare myszki i szarych myszkowców odpuść bo może gdzieś tam w zaciszu domowym po pracy czai się ich wzajemne szczęście.

Nadludzkie moce i wyczyny herosów póki co zostawmy w legendach ale sama odwaga była prawdziwa. Widzę, że życie Cię już złamało ale kiedyś może zrozumiesz, że te ideały to najcenniejsza rzecz w tym całym kurwidołku.

A co do smyka jeśli pomimo wieku zachowałem choć trochę dziecięctwa to przynajmniej jednej rzeczy nie spaprałem.

Rzeczywistość 01/20/2017 (Fri) 10:13:49 [Preview] No. 9895 del
o czym ty w ogóle mówisz? jak w ogóle można negatywnie wypowiadać się o nieoczekującej niczego życzliwości połączonej z ciekawością drugiego człowieka

ten słynny romantyzm przetrwał na papierze bo tylko na nim dobrze wygląda
w rzeczywistości to zazdrość, niepewność i przywłaszczanie sobie innych, a nie prawdziwa miłość

>Szare myszki i szarych myszkowców odpuść bo może gdzieś tam w zaciszu domowym po pracy czai się ich wzajemne szczęście.

szczęście w sensie poczucie ulgi, że druga strona jeszcze od nich nie uciekła bo jest na to zbyt spierdolona
szary myszon nie bez powodu jest szarym myszonem ukrywającym się przed światem
ukrywanie się przed ludźmi przekłada sie na tłumienie własnej osobowości i jakies kurwa problemy emocjonalne, ktore blokują prawdziwą, zdrową osobowość

>ideały to najcenniejsza rzecz w tym całym kurwidołku.
no temu nie przeczę
ale emocje wynikające z niepewności to żaden ideał tylko spierdolenie ;)

(912.41 KB 2000x2000 CIA Seal 1.png)
Anonymous 01/17/2017 (Tue) 17:35:00 Id: 2852bc [Preview] No. 30137 [Reply]

William D. Johnson, Chairman

William D. Johnson, J.D., is an international corporate lawyer practicing in Los Angeles, CA. He holds both an undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University, where he majored in Japanese, and a law degree from Columbia University. He has been married for 30 years and has five children.

As Chairman of the American Third Position, he serves the purpose of speaking on behalf of the party, and championing its sensible and just policies before the American people. He is also, more than any other, responsible for safeguarding the course, values, and program of the party.

Johnson & Associates


My name is William Johnson. I have practiced as a lawyer in Los Angeles, California since 1981. For most of my years as a lawyer, I represented Japanese corporations in their U.S. activities. (I speak, read and write Japanese). Currently, Chinese investors are entering the United States business market in a manner similar to Japan’s entry in the U.S. market in the 1980s. As a result, their legal issues are similar in many respects.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 22:40:40 Id: 348ec3 [Preview] No. 30378 del
Fuck off KIKE

Fuck OFF

Anonymous 01/19/2017 (Thu) 23:50:43 Id: 2852bc [Preview] No. 30395 del

LOL You mad, FoKy?

Your dyed platinum blonde Russian waifu is a Russian zhid.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 01:50:21 Id: d0b9f7 [Preview] No. 30400 del
GLP has always been shit. Years ago I did detailed research of the malware they pushed through their Vemba ad network. For some fucking reason, no matter how many times detailed malware reports (I mean extremely detailed, all system changes) get sent to google and other companies that maintain malware warning or blocklists, they never get added.

If you were doing anything useful on that site you would be banned immediately anyways. That's how those Air Force psyop fucks operate. Go donate some money to one of their scams and fuck off you fucking absolute moron.

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 02:23:56 Id: 348ec3 [Preview] No. 30410 del
(125.03 KB 722x787 XIwCzh67Qps.jpg)
She's not my waifu. Natalya is

I think Lana is one of those gals which are good to have around to attract thirsty omegas to the pro-white cause

And Red Ice has called out Jewtin many time in the past

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 10:00:04 Id: 2852bc [Preview] No. 30438 del
>I think Lana is one of those gals which are good to have around to attract thirsty omegas to the pro-white cause

The "pro-white cause" is a C.I.A. and military intelligence psy-op. Sorry to burst your bubble.