Update Endwall 05/10/2018 (Thu) 08:03:33 No.1209 del
- I've added about 200 livestream.com channels mostly of local news from USA. I have to organize this into a coherent framework and also move foreign language channels into language groups. Other than organizational stuff, I'm more or less done working on this product for the next couple of months, it should be static. I want to slowly replace the youtube streams with other alternatives whenever available. It's too much of a hassle repairing the keywords every once and a while, or checking to see if the provider has stopped providing content.

- I replaced the engine with the endstream engine and added some more channels from the website. I have to find and remove all the dead channels. That process should take place incrementally over the next couple of months.

- I've added a couple radio stations, ABC AU, and some Russian stations, not much but some minor adjustments.

All the files are available in the usual places.

Moving forward I plan on working more on the BSD ports and updating them to the current GNU/Linux equivalent. I also plan on making a reference version of Endware for Debian, by setting up a Debian box and testing the scripts and modifying them until they work under that environment. Some of the broken scripts will be looked at again to see what can be done if anything to repair them. I'll also update the license and do some license revisions as mentioned in the EULA thread. There is nothing really revolutionary on the horizon in terms of new software for Endware.

Any bug reports, software requests, feature requests, etc. post below. Thanks.