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Namespaces GOTO Jail | TechSNAP 345
Posted on: November 18, 2017
We can’t contain our excitement as we dive deep into the world of jails, zones & so-called linux containers. Dan shares his years of experience using the time-tested original bad boy of containers, FreeBSD jails. Wes breaks down cgroups, namespaces & explains how they come together to create a container. Plus we discuss similarities, differences, workflows & more!

Neutral Nets | TechSNAP 346
Posted on:November 20, 2017
We get depressed over some new stats confirming our worst fears about the huge number of outdated and unpatched android systems. But, in some good news, Github wants to help you, and your open source projects, stay secure with their new Security Alerts feature. We discuss the details and what it needs to be relevant.